Thursday, March 23, 2006

So THAT'S why they call it an average

I guess you can't always win. Over the weekend I really got hammered by numerous donks and rivers. It started on Thursday night and continued through to Paul's tournament. I normally can expect that from Paul's game because there's a lot of no good players there anyways, but the 5/10 was rediculous.

Point and case A:

Chester123 is at seat 0 with $355.
Q-Bert32 is at seat 1 with $180.50.
SERG44731 is at seat 2 with $196.50.
Luckless1184 is at seat 3 with $193.
nutscrshr is at seat 4 with $638.
20fter is at seat 5 with $207.
your bet is at seat 6 with $504.
bsd1bsd is at seat 7 with $502.
UptownTJ is at seat 8 with $99.
kidcrash is at seat 9 with $76.
The button is at seat 9.

Chester123 posts the small blind of $2.
Q-Bert32 posts the big blind of $5.

Chester123: -- --
Q-Bert32: -- --
SERG44731: -- --
Luckless1184: -- --
nutscrshr: -- --
20fter: -- --
your bet: -- --
bsd1bsd: -- --
UptownTJ: -- --
kidcrash: Ad 6h


SERG44731 folds. Luckless1184 folds. nutscrshr
folds. 20fter calls. your bet folds. bsd1bsd
folds. UptownTJ folds. kidcrash calls. Chester123
calls. Q-Bert32 checks.

Flop (board: 7d Ah Kc):

Chester123 bets $5. Q-Bert32 folds. 20fter calls.
kidcrash raises to $10. Chester123 calls. 20fter

Turn (board: 7d Ah Kc 2c):

Chester123 checks. 20fter checks. kidcrash bets
$10. Chester123 calls. 20fter folds.

River (board: 7d Ah Kc 2c 9d):

Chester123 bets $10. kidcrash calls.


Chester123 shows Kh 9h.
Chester123 has Kh 9h Ah Kc 9d: two pair, kings and nines.
kidcrash mucks cards.
(kidcrash has Ad 6h.)

That's fine, just a regular suckout, which will usually be beneficial to me. I wasn't really mad at that one, I figured he had 2 pair on the river, and if he had a bigger hand earlier then he let me off cheap. As you can see my stack wasn't doing too well at that point, and that was after about 4 hours of play. And although I tried fighting my way back, this is just the way the night was going.

Point and case B, C, D, E, F, G, etc.....:

Malepilot is at seat 0 with $566.50.
kidcrash is at seat 1 with $216.50.
bad bowler is at seat 2 with $728.
candutude is at seat 3 with $247.
stambrose is at seat 4 with $194.50 (sitting out).
Jimmi Vacant is at seat 5 with $173.
rockdove is at seat 6 with $92.
Redskin fan is at seat 7 with $731.50.
igmoney is at seat 8 with $431.
your bet is at seat 9 with $250.
The button is at seat 9.

Malepilot posts the small blind of $2.
kidcrash posts the big blind of $5.

Malepilot: -- --
kidcrash: 7c Ad
bad bowler: -- --
candutude: -- --
Jimmi Vacant: -- --
rockdove: -- --
Redskin fan: -- --
igmoney: -- --
your bet: -- --


bad bowler folds. candutude folds. Jimmi Vacant
raises to $10. rockdove calls. Redskin fan folds.
igmoney folds. your bet folds. Malepilot calls.
kidcrash calls.

Flop (board: 5c 7h 8d):

Malepilot checks. kidcrash bets $5. Jimmi Vacant
calls. rockdove calls. Malepilot calls.

Turn (board: 5c 7h 8d 3s):

Malepilot checks. kidcrash bets $10. Jimmi Vacant
folds. rockdove folds. Malepilot calls.

River (board: 5c 7h 8d 3s 5h):

Malepilot bets $10. kidcrash calls.


Malepilot shows 5d 2d.
Malepilot has 5d 5c 7h 8d 5h: three fives.
kidcrash mucks cards.
(kidcrash has 7c Ad.)

Jimmi Vacant had been raising a lot, and since I already had my BB in and I had a mid-ace I figured I was ok calling and reevaluating if I hit my ace. What I didn't expect was for some retard to call me with bottom pair, bottom kicker, with no redraw on the turn, to call me to the river for such a small pot. Some people really kill me, and this is one of those people. My bankroll as well as my brain hurts when these kind of things happen. Now I know that these are marginal hands and that I shouldn't be expecting too much, but like I've said before I really think I have a strong limit game and I pride myself in reading limit games.

So at Paul's I skimmed the cash zone again as I bubbled once more thanks to frickin AJ, who really has a knack of screwing me in a big, big way at Paul's game. I was ok with that though, and afterwards we played some quarter games (Beat the Dummy, 3-Card Guts, Kings and Littles, and some other fun ones) and I won ten bucks. Woohoo.

I really enjoy my time with Paul and Dena, and when they offered to let me stay so that I didn't have to drive for an hour and a half at 3 in the morning I gladly took the chance to do so. The next day we played some darts, some cards, and basically just hung out. Their kids (my cousins) are really funny, and their little son who's....maybe 2(?) is an absolute crackup. Needless to say I didn't leave until around 10 that night and made it back to my bed to sleep, sleep, sleep.

My alarm clock never went off this morning, so I was a half an hour late to work, which is never fun. I was expecting my day to drag, but Monday's always a busy paper day so it went by pretty fast. Overall I've been pretty laid back for the past few days, which is weird cuz I'm usually pretty wiley and upbeat. I guess all these losing days and sleepless nights might be affecting me, but it doesn't feel like a big problem, so whatever.

It's probably cuz frickin Darsky wasn't there to humor me at Paul's!! Thanks a lot dude!! Haha oh well hopefully he did ok in his pool tourney, I'm sure he'll blog it. I'm pretty tired of getting pwned at the tables right now, so I think I'll take a couple days off and play some DoD or somethin.

Until next time.

Bankroll: $828

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Darsky said...

Dude, I missed out on the fun at Paul's. I ran into him yesterday and he said you guys played until 3am. That is the first time in a long time that it has gone that late/early. I'll have my darts with me next month.
I'll post soon about why I wanted to be in both places at once.

BTW, keep your chin up. Good check-calls on the river in both of those hands. That's the best anyone could do with those. Every losing session gets me down for a while, too. The only remedy is the next winning session.