Thursday, March 02, 2006

Making more ground!

UB's been down at the times I've been wanting to play lately, so I haven't played since Sunday. That's fine by me, cuz if the money at least just sits there and doesn't disappear, I'm a patient guy. I did get some playin in at my boss's game last night though, which is a small 6 person .50/1 game. It's loose and crazy, and I haven't gone home loser since we started playin it, which is fine by me :)

I managed to squeeze in one SnG on UB today. I wish I had time for more, but Joe and I are going out to hang with some chicks from his work, so cards will have to wait. I did take 2nd place, which was ok by me since I went into it 3 way with 2000, took the chipleader heads up with 3000 to his 12000. He had pocket aces, I had pocket 9s, and with the blinds at 200-400 it didn't take long to get all the chips in the middle. I pocketed $60, a $38 profit.

Overall I'm up $224. That's nothing at all, I know. But that's only out of 8 10-man SnGs so far, so out of every $22 I put in I'm getting a $28 profit back. Is it small? Yes. Is it a start to something that can grow? Absolutely.

My view counts have been off the charts in the past 2 days, most likely because of all you guys at the Hideout. Sorry this shit gets so long sometimes. I hope everyone keeps readin, cuz I enjoy the writin!! Feel free to hit me up with some comments too. Until next time!

Bankroll: $724

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