Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bossman's game? Still not a loser

Another night at my boss's $.50/$1 and I still haven't left a loser! Haha man that's talented....aaaaaaaaand insert sarcasm warning here.....just in case. I did leave with a $17 profit for the 3 hours we played, so I almost halved my buy-in of $40. Oh well, it was fun and the boss's house is awesome, so it's always a good time. Also, I sat for 1 hand of 5/10 before I left and made $30, so I laughed and then I left cuz I didn't feel like playing.

Anyways I gotta lotta studying and homework to do tonight for my Bus. Law class, which means I'll be parked in front my computer mostly all night, which means that I'll be on UB mostly all night!! Finally I get to put in a session at the 5/10! Now if I keep up with the $200/hr rate that I've been making since I've been playing for an hour at a time, I should be a millionaire by the end of the morning! Of course that won't happen, but I should still be able to pull in a win. I'll try to take some HH's so I finally have something to share with ya'll, but I will really be trying to concentrate on my homework, so we'll see what happens.

Sorry about the boring entries lately, but I haven't been doing much.


Bankroll: $1,081

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