Thursday, March 09, 2006


Sleep? What is sleep? For the past month or so, I have been getting a fraction of the sleep a normal person should be getting. Most nights I've been pulling in about 4-5 hours of sleep, with extremes ranging from 2 hours to 7 hours, but never 8 or more. I haven't spent a day to sleep to catch up, and it's taking its toll. Since Alaska chick (Kayla) was out here, the sleep factor has been pulling more towards the 2-4 hour mark, since we hung out every night she was out here except for one and the fact that I work every morning at 830. But I haven't minded cuz it was awesome being able to spend all that time with her.

I kinda picked up strong feelings for her while she was out here and she did for me as well. And while I don't wanna get into it in this blog, I can say that after I took her home from my place Wednesday morning I went into this intense state of nothingness, and I walked around like a sullen zombie all day long. It's still kinda hanging around today, and my guess is I will feel like that for quite some time to come, as she really means something to me now.

Yesterday I decided to clear up some time to play cards, and given my current state I'm seeing now that it was not such a good idea. I haven't played much but I've been dyin to play, though, so it seemed like a good one at the time. I started out by playing my usual SnG, I took 2nd and $60 again when my 99 ran into Ad10h, and the board came d-d-d, s, d. Thanks for that poker Gods, but a simple 10 will do next time :). After that I saw a 20+2 MTT $4000 guaranteed and figured I'd be good for cash, but a bad move at the worst time sent me out in 130th, and needless to say I was pretty pissed with myself, as I'm trying not to make dumb moves anymore.

After that I gave it another go at the SnG, and as chip leader 5 handed I made a move in a hand where I had not paid close enough attention to the board, and I ended up finishing 4th in that one with no money. Insert self-defamation here. So I got this great idea to play 1/2 Omaha H/L, and decided to go with a short buy of $22 to keep things even steven with my buy-ins. I was crushing the 5/10 Omaha H/L on Party at the time Joe was playing 5/10 Stud, but things weren't going in my favor on this night. I ended up losing the buy-in, which I wasn't too upset about because it was a small buy. What I was upset about was the fact that at this point I didn't feel like I was playing my best, and that doesn't fly with me!

Joe showed up and saw how distraught I was about Kayla leaving, so he suggested the only thing that could cheer me up: Taco Bell. Yeeeeeees, heavenly Bell. We went to eat and it was sweet, sweet victory! After that we went down to the Mash to buy-in for Kirk, and now everything is set for Saturday. I talked to Darsky a little bit today about plans for Friday, and it seems like we might just go up to the Mash to play Friday night instead of hang at Joe's, but I dunno I'm in the crossroads of a decision right now, so I'll just play it by ear.

On the night I lost $28 in the poker swing, and while $28 is no big deal it feels more of a mental loss since I knew I wasn't in the right place to be playing. I was sleep deprived and had my mind on other stuff, and I wasn't feeling well. I got a good night's rest last night, and I'll most likely play some more tonight. And while I am depressed about Kayla not being here anymore, my mind is really on my game because of last night and I should be able to pull in some wins tonight, so I will blog it up like none other probably at the end of tonight.


Bankroll: $712


Darsky said...

Kayla doesn't know about this blog, does she? You don't want to let her know too much. You'll have no hand.
Get some sleep today, ya bastard.

Kid Crash said...

Hahaha no I don't think they have the internet in Alaska, so I'm ok.