Monday, March 13, 2006

Keep Cool My Babies

Well in the 200+20 tourney this Saturday I got knocked out by a 2-outer, which hurt, and it was by a complete a-hole, which angered me. I did, however, have one hell of a good time this weekend hangin out with Darsky, Uncle Paul, Dena, and Kirk, plus I won a couple hundred outside of the tournament, so the weekend as a whole was great. I got a lot of work to do today so I probably won't have time to blog the weekend today, but tonight I should get my writing fingers blazing, so stay tuned.


Don said... the Conan O'Brien ref.

That guy pwns.

Ok not sure why I noticed this but in your "These Rat Bastards" entry, how come it doesn't have the date at the top of the post?

On every other entry, it has the date. Weeeeeird.


Kid Crash said...

LoL i dunno, I was messing around with editing and deleting posts or something around that time, so I must've done something.