Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It has begun!!

K so I guess I'm just gonna go for it. 5/10 is in, $20+2 and $30+3 SnGs are out. I just enjoy limit too much to not play it. I realize that I might run into trouble, but I'm willing to take that bankroll risk cuz I feel like if I play it I will beat it. I'm not saying I'll will every time, but I know I can beat the game, therefore I will continue to play it.

As it stands so far I've played 5 games, all short sessions, but for a $487 profit. I've played for 44 minutes, one hour, two hours, two hours, and one hour, more or less. I had one losing session, and that was for $154, but I quickly made it back and more the next time I sat when I left with a $223 profit. And I've said it before, I know that these aren't "sessions", trust me I know what it's like to sit in a cardroom for 3 days straight with no sleep, I've done that too. But if I can win this much in the short term, I should be able to win in the long run, period.

Again, I don't really have any HH because I basically just play BTB and get paid off. I jam everything on the turn and follow through on the river and usually get called by weaker hands. I play tight, I play solid. That's it. It may seem kind of mudane and boring to the rest of you, but to me winning money is fun no matter what. I do have to say, though, that I'm really lookin forward to Paul's this weekend. I usually like going, but right now I have this feeling that I really, really wanna go. Tournament weekend was great fun and it made me really realize how much I enjoy everyone's presence and how much fun I have when I hang out with the Paul's Game group.

Insert closing statement here.

Bankroll: $1,056


Darsky said...

Dude! You're a maniac...I like it.

I don't really see a need for a "bankroll" like most people do. I think if you find a spot where you are winner more than not, you can play ahead consistently. I'm playing ahead from day one of my "serious" attempt at growing my bankroll. I didn't need to have one to begin with.
Take those guys we played with recently at Chumash. One justified the need for a bankroll because he has had 25 losing sessions out of 28 (at 3-5 NLH). And he and the dealer (whose regular game is 1-2 limit HE) claimed you need a bankroll of $100K to play in the 10-20 NLH game at Commerce. Well they both suck. That's all there is to that.
I only want $10K before moving up to the 10-20 NLH game. But that is just for some cushion...I like to have money. I could have moved up to that game a couple months ago if I chose to.

Kid Crash said...

Darsky, you know I trust your judgement much, much more than anyone else I know, so if you're tellin me that it's ok, then I'm gonna do it to it strong and hard. Thanks for the support mengh.