Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vegas Is In My Sights Again


Darsky and I are booked at the Flamingo for the 26th-28th. The last weekend of January marks the start of a year-long goal by the two of us to go to Vegas for a poker weekend at least once a month this year. So we have our room set up, we just need to find a way to get there now.

We are in driving distance, yet neither of us want to put our car through the torture of the journey. Having put over 2600 miles in my car in the past five weeks, I'm even more inclined to NOT drive mine out there. And Darren respects his car (as he should, the thing's a beauty) so we won't be taking his either. It looks like renting a vehicle is gonna be the standard MO on these trips.

I haven't really decided if I'm gonna stick to playing the $8-16 to $10-20 games yet, or if I'll play NL more heavily. I really liked the $8-16 at the Wynn last time, so I'm gonna have to give that game a shot again. But if I can dominate the $2-5NL, then I'll just have to do that instead until I get enough bank to move up.

As the situation stands right now, I'm in a weird place. Paying $150 a night for a decent room is a decent portion of the stakes I'm actually playing for. Obviously if I could take $400 to a table and turn it into $2,000 every time, then I wouldn't have a problem with paying for airfare, hotels, etc. But by only playing $8-16, and only for a limited time of three days a month, it puts an interesting spin on things.

If I could manhandle the limit games every minute of every session I play out there, then things might be different. But variance is a bitch, as they say, and I can't really count on quadrupling my money every time I sit at a low-mid-limit game. All in all, I need to play and plan on playing more than just the one weekend a month, so I might be alright. Unfortunately Chumash is dead and LA is a decent drive, which I don't particularly like making every weekend.

I've thought heavily about putting some money online (again), even though we all know that I absolutely despise playing online. But since Party closed down and Full Tilt has picked up a lot of action, and since I've had varied amounts of success at FT, I'm thinking of throwing a little cash on there and working it up. Well, we'll see how that one goes...

In related news, the original founders of Neteller have been arrested in the US, even though they are no longer affiliated with running the company. They are major shareholders, but still. As far as I knew, Neteller wasn't going anywhere because of the UIGEA, and I highly doubt they're going anywhere now.

It looks like just a major show of cock and balls by the government to let people know that internet gambling is breaking apart families, and destroying the lives of the retards who can't control themselves from depositing their baby's diaper money to see if they can chase down an invisible electronic jackpot on a computer-generated slot machine spinning reels of imaginary creatures and mermaids.

But if this scare tactic actually causes some commotion within the US Neteller operations, I guess I won't have to decide if I can conquer the online poker demon. I wouldn't even be thinking of playing online if there was any legit action going around here, but Chumash has been completely dead lately. The last rush I went on there was a blackjack rush, because I drove a half an hour out of my way to find four dead tables, and I needed some excitement to compensate for the $43 tank of gas.

We're most likely gonna have more action at our 6-handed homegame on Friday. We'll probably be playing mixed games, unless the three fishies want to play NL in which case we'll have to accommodate them.

And I realized today that I haven't posted Pt. III of my December Vegas trip yet, so I'll get that one pumped out. My CPU is still broken, and I'm still lazy, so it might have to wait a couple days. But it's coming, promise.

Until next time.

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