Thursday, January 04, 2007

Goals are Coming

As I said before, I'm not one who usually has resolutions around this time of year. Most often I just notice when I'm doing things that I should change or if I realize that I want to start doing something, I just do it. I change when I need to change and I add things to my life when I feel like it.

But over the past couple days I've had some things on my mind. A few things that have happened over the past couple weeks have kind of made me take a look at my life and I noticed that there are indeed things that I want/need to change, long-term things. And it's not a few specific things that have happened so I guess I shouldn't phrase it like that, but it's moreso the way my life's been going.

I've noticed that since I got back from Vegas I've been real uptight. I haven't been the enjoyable, affable, fun-loving person that I usually am. I haven't had a smile on my face and it's really been showing. Things haven't been going the way I want them to lately, and for whatever reason I've been a real asshole about life.

Normally I'm not that way; I just shrug my shoulders and move along, thankful that I have other things. Sure I shake my fist at the old lady in front of me at the stop sign who's too busy dying to go when it's her turn, and sure I yell at the illegal immigrants around me when they don't speak English and they think it's ok to pee on the sidewalk. But usually I do it for fun and I go right on ahead laughing and having a good time. But lately I've carried that outward animosity around and have been showing everybody what it's like to be on my bad side. It's time to go back to having fun.

Also since I've been back I don't think I've done a single iota of work. I've been daydreaming and dazing off every time I'm at my desk. As soon I walk in the door of my office I just instantly shut off until 5PM. I fell into this state of wanting to get away. It's not that I've necessarily been wanting to quit to play poker full time, but it's been more of a reach out to do something fun, anything!

But since we've been back from New Year's I've actually been doing diligent work. This year is going to be a good year for me. I'll be taking on double responsibility by the end of it, which only leads to and results in good things. I'm definitely ready for it.

And in doing better work, I'll have a more clear mind in my off time to play more cards! As stated in my last entry, this is definitely a top priority for me this year. I need to spend more time with Darsky talking, living, breathing poker, and that will definitely help me. I foresee many trips coming up this year.

And when I'm not playing cards, I really want to get back into snowboarding. I was snowboarding for about three years, and, for various reasons, stopped boarding three years ago. I went up to Big Bear this weekend and had a blast. Tearing down the mountain, carving around the amateurs laying on the floor (not to say I didn't fall at all), and just the overall feel of the crisp, cold air on my lungs really pumped me up. I'm hoping to get a whole new setup sometime in the next month, and I really want to get as much as I can out of this snowboarding season. It's something I miss, and something I should really do.

Another thing that I didn't do a SINGLE TIME last year was go to see a concert. I love music, it's a big part of my life, and I didn't go to a single show last year, which saddened me. I'll be taking multiple trips to LA and to San Diego hopefully this year, and hitting up a few shows in town too hopefully.

Along with all this comes traveling, not necessarily long distance, but traveling more than an hour away at least. With a couple different snow spots a few hours away, and Vegas being within driving distance, I definitely can have a lot of fun in the car with friends. I'm hoping to hit up Hawaii for a week in July or August, and I'm looking to get to New York sometime in September or October to see my parents.

Of course I already have a bundle of brochures and info from the casinos in the surrounding area of upper state New York. I'm gonna have an awesome time going up there, and spending the days hangin out and drinking, and spending the nights and mornings away in a casino playing cards sounds like a dream.

And no matter what I end up doing or not doing this year, I definitely need to spend more time with my friends. I've been couped up and working and spending too much time inside in the past year, and it hasn't been good. It wasn't fun or exciting, it was pretty much downright boring. And I hate boring crap, so that needs to go.

And lastly I really want to write more. I'm going to try to keep on top of this blog every day, and if not at least every other day. I think I fixed my computer at home....hopefully I did I can spend some time writing there again. And I'm hoping to get a laptop before the summer, so I should be able to keep up from the road.

But now it's time to start planning my January Vegas trip, so I gotta go. But stay tuned, it's going to be a great year!

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