Monday, January 08, 2007

Eagles Win.....Eagles Fan Loses??

Fuckin' Philly. Sunday was supposed to be a good day. I was planning on heading to watch the Eagles take the Giants in the first round of the playoffs. 60" HDTV. Comfortable seating. Gravy fries. What else could I want? Oh extra 4.5 points.

I took the Eagles -6.5 points. I was sure they could do it, and they could've! The first half was closer than it should've been, as Philly has a bad habit of winning, but not dominating. The defense let the first drive of the game slip, and after that they were champions. Then it was the Eagles' turn to show what they were made of. With an answer back touchdown and field goal in the second quarter, it was looking good.

Then the Giants took a field goal to tie it at 10-10. It was looking ok, but not necessarily good. They had more than they were showing, and that was disappointing. However, that's the Philly way. They went up 17-10 before the fourth and I was starting to look happier.

Then I was looking really happy. With the Giants at 1st&30, I had a glimpse of victory. Then on 2nd&30, Manning got a pass off. No worries, 3rd&12. Well Burress erased that set of downs, and NY was ready for the red zone.

Of course, if Philly were to hold them to a field goal and get the ball back, they had five minutes to get their own field goal and to hold the 7-point lead. And money in my pocket. But nope.

Philly plays loose coverage, let's the TD go, and puts themselves in position to win with a last second field goal. BUT THREE POINTS IS NO GOOD! Don't these bastards check the spread before they hit the field? What are they doin to their fans here??

I'm sorry for NY fans on either side, but dammit am I mad that the Eagles didn't do more when I know they're capable. In any case I'm glad they advanced. They face the Saints in New Orleans and that should be a good game.

The one thing with Philly that makes their games sketchy is the fact that they've proven to be winners, but there are many games when they skate by, even though they're worth so much more. There's no way Philly can take the Saints if they play like they did against the Giants.

I'm confident though. Even with a list of injuries, they have some great backups. Sheldon Brown went out in the fourth with a dislocated shoulder, and isn't expected to play against NO. Luckily, Roderick Hood is his back, and Hood has played as well as the rest of the starters when he's gotten a chance, so hopefully he won't get burned.

I see Philly taking this game by six points in my head, so hopefully the spread will keep in line with my thoughts on the game. When Philly wins this one, I'm hopin that I'll win as well this time...

As for the rest of the playoff picture, I'm seein Chicago over the Hawks, the Pats over the Chargers (sorry Darsky), and I'm actually gonna take the Colts to overcome Baltimore. In the end we're lookin at a Philly - New England Superbowl, a la Super Bowl XXXIX. Maybe Philly can tie up the record this year? Here's lookin for the best.

Until next time.

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