Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday Morning

The Ugly Aftermath

And I still haven't figured out how to put captions on pictures....

Anyways, the brutal decisions of a Saturday morning never get old. You wake up once at 7AM and then you turn over and go back to sleep until 10. When you wake up you're kind of angry cuz it feels like someone just sat on your face, which may or may not have actually happened the night before. You walk out of your room trying not to trip over the crap strewn across the floor, only to find a couple lumps hidden under blankets and sleeping bags.

And then you see the bag of chips on the table. Yessss. Here, chow a couple of these. They're delicious.

You breathe in a big lungful of musty, beer-filled air. It smells like we must've had a good time, no? But enough messin around, the day is starting. People start waking up out their semi-unconscious, even though they woke up ten minutes ago just like you. Then bedroom doors start opening, and everyone converges to the living room. Small talk breaks out, spitting a couple quiet laughs about the events that took place but ten hours ago.

Then you realize it. You're fuckin starving.

Now there's obviously two choices in this situation. You could abandon any hope of getting anything done on this very fine Saturday by going to breakfast at a variety of breakfast bars where you can string a line of shots to cure your hangover. If you go this route you won't see your house until 2AM the next morning. After breakfast you obviously have to make the run down State St. to see how many bars you can hit before 5PM. Then when 5 comes around, it's the usual night time adventures. The only problem with this option is that this particular scenario is usually a Sunday thing.

Of course instead of that you could head down the street to Taco Bell. You can all get in the car and go get a few delicious Mexican food entrees, return to your place, chow down while you watch any number of movies, and eventually start cleaning up so that the pad is clean for another night that's about to happen. Then in the morning, you can partake in option #1.

A crunchwrap supreme really does sound pretty good right now. Looks like my decision is made this time.

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