Monday, January 29, 2007

The Bad Run Continues

The payout from the Royal, the only thing that went right this weekend.

The whole time spent in the cardrooms the previous two nights had me feeling crushed. I felt like bad luck was shattering my bones and slicing my morale in pieces, and it wasn't about to get better.

After we woke up on Saturday we realized that in our drunken stupor in the early morning, we had lost Darsky's $700 jacket somewhere between the Caesar's sportsbook bar and the nasty cafe in the Flamingo. And to boot he had his $90 sunglasses in the jacket pocket.

Immediately he went on Lost Jacket Tilt (LJT) and jumped on the phone to the Flamingo's lost and found department. The asshole on the other end of the phone didn't make him feel any better, nor did the news that they didn't have anything that matched his description.

He tried to call over to Caesar's but couldn't get through, so we walked across the bridge and checked it out personally. He had no luck there either so we decided to head over to the Wynn to grab some food and hopefully play through my bad luck streak and his bad loss.

We went to the Red8 after thoroughly enjoying it last trip, and to further irritate Darsky's LJT we found out that they discontinued serving his preferred dish. Oops. My chicken chow mein (so good!) was still in tact, yet upon advice from the waiter Dar went with a poached chicken plate that disgusted him beyond his wildest dreams.

I thought it was quite funny, and we got some good potstickers so everything ended up alright as far as I was concerned. I was feeling pretty refreshed after hitting the Royal for the pull back to even the night before.

Down the walkway in the poker room there was an action $8-16 table going as I expected. I bought in for $300 in brown $2 chips and took a seat in the 7 seat. They were playing 10-handed, but like I've said before I love how they made the tables at the Wynn bigger than your normal table so it wasn't too cramped.

I immediately started off picking up $100 in the first half hour and was feeling great. The table was soft and full of fishies and I was able to pick up a lot of good hands right off the bat, as well as throughout the rest of the night. The only difference between the beginning and the end of the night was that I was winning at first.

Other than the first hour, the rest of the time at the table was on par with how my Thursday and Friday night went.

There was a very big donklady in the 4s who managed to chop a lot of pots with me and everyone else. She ended up 4-betting me with 33 preflop in one pot, which really had me confused, as well as when she flat called all the way to showdown with turned trip Kings. She was practically playing every hand wrong and getting lucky along the way.

I managed to get Aces cracked twice on the river for ~$200 pots, both of them to boards under 10-high, and both of them to runner-runner flush. By the end of the second hour after getting AK, AA, and QQ multiple times and playing them aggressively every time, no one at the table wanted to believe that I actually had a hand, regardless of the fact that I hadn't showed down a bluff or a weak hand the entire session.

I dwindled after getting sucked out on multiple times, with the final time coming after I tagged on another $100 onto a low stack. I picked up the Kc-Kh and raised after two limpers. I got two callers behind and we took a flop five-handed. The flop came up 6c-7c-10c. The SB checked and the UTG limper tossed out $8. I bumped it to $16, and we had one call and both the button and the SB folded before the UTG limper three-bet.

I flat called, sensing a set or the straight, or maybe both. I wasn't ready to fold on that board, and it probably had something to with how the night had been going. The cutoff called behind me and took the turn of the 2h. UTG bet out and I called, as did the guy behind me.

The river was an ugly Ad and UTG bet out again. I folded and the cutoff flat called. UTG showed 7-10off for a flopped two pair, while the cutoff flipped over 6-6 for a flopped set. I was drawing to a live K and any club, and blank blanked for another decent sized pot. I picked up with what I had left after that and took off for a walk.

I walked around the casino floor for a little bit and saw a fuckin amazing hot little blonde with a hotty mom walkin around. I eventually found a quarter blackjack table and went on a nice rush for a little bit. During that rush the hot mom and the smokin hot blonde came up and sat down. The mom sat in the seat directly to my left while the young hottie sat to her left.

"You're going to have to teach us how to play cuz we don't know what we're doing."

I think I busted a nut right here

"Haha ok no problem."

I did it again right here


And I shot my load a third time after that.

Darsky finally racked out of his game after only a couple hours and I dropped off $300 after my hot streak ended at the blackjack table. At that point, leaving the chicks at the table hurt more than the total money loss I had taken up to that point.

We made an early night out of the Wynn so we could wake up on time for check out on Sunday. We checked out at noon and took to Caesar's again to check out the action on the last day. I headed to the poker room while Dar checked the lost and found one more time for a last chance at recovering his $800 lost.

There was no $2-5NL goin, so I waited by the sportsbook for a couple minutes before Darsky walked up wearing his jacket with a huge smile on his face. Congrats on the find, dude.

We headed over to the Bellagio's $2-5NL game where I got snapped off for my whole stack when I check-raised my A-Js on a flop of A-2-4 from $30 to $120 against a guy who mega-tilting and who had been playing 11 hands straight. I shoved another $200 all-in when a 5 hit the turn and was insta-called by the asshole, who had played 10-3offsuit for a total of $200 before the turn. I was super pissed and stayed in the sportsbook until Darren was ready to go home.

We ended up hittin up the Rainforest Cafe for some chicken fried chicken before we made the drive back home, because for some reason I love that meal at that place.

All in all, besides the royal flush at the sports bar and the awesome food Vegas has to offer, I got horribly unlucky all weekend and dropped $1600. It was a degrading weekend poker-wise for sure, but we met some cool people and had a good time nonetheless, so I'm definitely looking forward to makin the drive again next month.

Until next time.

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