Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sacrifices Must Be Made

It came as a harsh realization when I figured out that I wouldn't be able to make it to Paul's home game this Saturday. It's the first of the year and he's trying a new format and schedule, which is an improvement over last year considering his "schedule" wasn't too much of one.

I'd already made plans with a few buddies in Santa Barbara to head downtown and drink up the Philly game, which will be made all the more exciting since one of the guys I work with is a huge New Orleans fan. I'm lookin to get a little...feel good...as you might say. And whether drunk or sober it's already a highly anticipated game around these parts.

Unfortunately I've been telling Paul that I'd be at his place for like the past month now, and he's gonna be quite disappointed when I give him the "Hey Paul, look..." phone call. Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do for Philly. I actually feel worse for someone else, cuz I was supposed to bring another guy who's been itchin' to find a regular home game to play in. I was gonna take him this weekend, but better luck next time...

Although it might work out because Paul does run two tournies, but I highly doubt I'll be ok to drive the hour out that way after the end of the game. But...perhaps if I do make it out there on Saturday night Darsky will want to head down to LA for a little all night fun at the Bike?

I've been craving to play so bad since my return from Vegas. Darsky and I made a pact to go to Vegas at least once a month every month this year. We're looking at January 26-28th this month, and the wheels are currently in motion to set up lodgings. The Flamingo is looking like where we're headed, but who knows. The IP might just fit the bill in terms of the hours-in-room:nightly-room-rate ratio. We'll see where it takes us.

John offered to let us sleep on his floor at his place in Henderson, but after the mondo discount he gave us at the Aladdin last month, I feel bad taking him up on that, especially since we barely saw him last time we were out there.

Also, we're fortunate in the fact that we're in driving distance, but damn is that a pain in the ass drive. Yes it's only a small portion of the cost of flying, but dammit it's an insanely dry, uneventful ride. Last time at least we had Mitch Hedburg to help us through it, but he'd only got so much material released before his tragic death.

Anyways, I'm gonna go play cards and get blitzed with a couple of the poker dealers from Chumash tonight, so it should make for some good times. I'll hopefully have some stuff to write about tomorrow thanks to it, so I'll see you all soon.

Until next time.

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