Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No More Neteller for US?

Sweet mother of god. If you haven't heard already, ex-Neteller execs got nabbed by the goons, prodding the fire that has come from the UIGEA. I thought everything was going to be under control with Neteller still, but I ran across this thread at 2+2 today.

Now I'm usually all for the US government. I think it's a wonderful thing, and am hardly out of agreement with the systems and laws in place. This one, however, really put a hamper on my good, light-hearted views. Particularly because I'm a poker player and this is affecting me personally, but also because these assholes can run around cheating on their wives with hot young interns, or dressing up like priests and ravaging underdeveloped little boys, yet they think they have the right mind in pulling the plug on internet gambling?

I'm also pissed that the Congress's majority is Democrats now, but that's a subject for another conversation. I guess what pisses me off the most is that now that I've finally thought about playing online, it's becoming more and more difficult every day to do so.

I used to love Neteller for the couple short times that I had played, and Instacash was the shit. No hassles, no bullshit, just take my money and put it here. As of hours ago Neteller is no longer offering the Instacash option, which means it could take days to fund your poker account through them.

That is if you're lucky enough to get in before they close. It looks like they won't even be accepting transactions with US accounts within weeks. What the hell is going on here...

Yes there's other options, but it's just a pain in the ass. The reason that online poker was so awesome during the boom is that it was CONVENIENT. You could put money on and be playing within minutes. It looks like that might become a commodity of the past in the online gambling world in the US of Adultery.

I finally got my laptop ordered last night, and it is currently being built which is exciting me beyond belief. I've been wanting to get one for the longest time, but I haven't pulled the trigger until last night. So the fact that I went through and did it is making me quite a happy guy. But I can't help but pay attention to this small part of me that was planning on playing poker on it that is now pretty pissed off.

When the time comes to put some money online, of course I'll find a way to do it. But I will not be pleased with it! You can guarantee that.

/end rant

In other news, I hate flakes. We've been meaning to get a game going for quite some time now, and have a list of players who'd said they'd be "ready to play anytime, just give me a call!" Of course half of that list can't make it, and half of the rest of them say yes and mean no. It's aggravating.

99.8% of the time, if I tell you I'm going to do something or be somewhere for a certain thing, I mean it. Getting to work on time is different, so don't talk to me about that. But if you tell me you're gonna have a game, and I give you my number and tell you to call me that friday with directions, you can bet your ass I'm gonna show up like I said I would.

Whatever, there's still hope

/end rant 2

Plans are coming along for Vegas in a couple weeks. The rental car's in motion, and I'm already planning on what day Darsky and I are gonna hit up the Rainforest Cafe. Haha, yeah you know want it Darsky, don't lie to yourself.

Also, there's been a bunch of hype for 300, which is getting me just as excited as all those blurred out teens from the Girls Gone Wild commercials. I loved Sin City, and although I haven't read the 300 comic series yet, I can only think that this movie will do nothing but meet every expectation that it's created for itself.

Mitch has expressed interest in taking a night out to go to Vegas and see it there, and hit up some BJ tables on the way out of town, which may sound good to me. We'll see where that goes.

And today I got news that I might have to do some real work tomorrow, so I'm frantically sweating, and am thinking about running away so that that can't happen. I'll let you know how it goes.

Until next time.

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