Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sean Connery Has To Be the Coolest Guy Ever

"Yesh...I'm perfectly okay you fucking idiot." - Sean Connery in The Rock, when asked by Nicholas Cage's character if he was okay as he's haning upside down over a deep mine pit held in place solely by one foot looped in a piece of rope.

I always loved that quote. Sean Connery says it with such awesomeness that it should make every man think about how much of a little girl we all are compared to him. Of course in that movie Nicholas Cage gets to get hopped on by Vanessa Marcil, so I guess nothing will bring him down. Except for his latest movie.

Yesterday I went to go see Ghost Rider. It's not that I wanted to see it necessarily, but Mitch actually wanted to and I couldn't find anyone else that would be dumb enough to spend $10 on it. It was basically as bad as you think it is from the previews. It's a good thing I'm a big Nick Cage fan, because if it wasn't for that I would probably never see another one of his movies after this. The graphics were cool, but that was about it. Hopefully some CG artist out there is enjoying my $10.

After that we went back to Mitch's condo and hung out for a little bit. A big group of people came over with drunk Carlos, and we drank a little and "hung out" until we got visited by the cops thanks to some neighbors who were trying to sleep or something like that, in any case not enjoying the noise we were making.

When we woke up this morning Mitch, John, and I went shooting out in Cherry Creek, which is something we haven't done for like three years. It was alright, but it was a short trip and only with a couple small rifles, nothing major. We went to In-N-Out (oh so delicious!!) and retired back to the condo to play some DoD. You can guarantee that every time I hang out with mitch I'll come back chanting "D...O...D" in my sleep.

All in all it was a fun weekend, and something I kinda needed after pissing myself off on Friday night.

When I came home from work Friday night I dumped the couple hundred bucks I had on Full Tilt, basically because I came home a little drunk and was being belligerent. It sucked because I was working the micro-limits on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and came up a decent amount for such low stakes, only to dump it thanks to having no discipline.

It's become gradually clear to me that I have absolutely no discipline. Obviously every poker player knows that with no discipline or money management you'll sink faster than you can swim. And anyone that knows me knows that lack both of these very essential skills.

I'm definitely going to have to conquer these two things if I ever want to get to the point where I want to be with poker. Part of the reason that I don't have a bankroll yet is because I haven't really been making enough working to survive in this town and play at the stakes that I want to. But part of it is also that I have little to no money management or discipline when I do win.

This is something that I've known for a while but never really considered a problem. I've done well enough for myself to afford some simple luxuries and live a pretty comfortable life so far. But in thinking about what I could have or could have done by this point really puts things into perspective.

It's difficult to think about what I'm gonna do with poker at this point since it's already become such a big part of my life and I've already put so much time into it. To this day I really have nothing to show for it, and that's really disappointing and embarrassing considering what others my age have. Of course everyone's situation in life is different, and everyone's opportunities are different, but I really feel like I should've done more with poker by now. My lack of discipline has really been hurting my success.

Luckily time's always on my side.


This week I've gotten more hits than to this blog than any week since I started tracking it. On Thursday and Friday I got the most hits out of the week, and those turned out to be the two days I didn't write, so hopefully I'm not losing readers thanks to laziness and business. I'm enjoying this thing, so keep on readin!

Until next time.

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