Thursday, February 22, 2007

Music Day

No, this post has nothing to do with Music Day. This post won't be filled with fond childhood memories or the monsters of boredom I square off against in every day life. No, this is just a pure, straight, BRAG post!!

Today the Taste of Chaos Tour comes to the Long Beach Arena, and I'm going! Although it's not close to where I am, it's within driving distance and is the closest it's gonna get to little ole' Santa Barbara. I've been waiting for this tour to come around for months and am excited beyond Hell that it's finally here.

I've been wanting to see The Used live again since I saw them three years ago, the new Saosin is a band I recently started giving a chance (big AG fan, looking to see Circa Survive in March too), and I do find myself to be a Thirty Seconds fan, so needless to say I'm gonna be rockin hard at this one.

I'm gonna try to get some work done and head down towards LA at around 4PM. I'll throw up another post tomorrow

Until next time.

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