Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Wednesday

I woke up this morning (late as usual) to a barrage of text messages from all of my single chick friends. "Happy V-day!!" "Happy Valentines Day!!" Why? As far as I'm concerned every one of those text messages should've said "Happy Wednesday!"

Valentine's Day is a holiday for those who are in a relationship, or at least in love if they haven't already given their time to someone unknowingly undeserving of it. Don't get me wrong, cuz I love the "holiday". But this is the first year in a long time I haven't had anyone to take out to dinner or to buy useless shit for, and to tell you the truth, it wasn't really depressing like everyone makes it out to be. It's just another Wednesday.

On this particular Wednesday I actually had a better day than usual. I woke up ten minutes after I was supposed to be at work, and decided to start the day with a different approach.

Usually when my alarm is blaring at me after I make it Sleep four times in a row, I jump out of bed and take a second to try to wake up. I'll find some clothes to throw on, dirty or clean, and if I'm lucky I'll run to the bathroom and give my teeth a quick brush. In my speeding car on my way to work I'll think of which one of the many excuses I have in my EB (excuse book) that I haven't used in a while. When I walk into the office I'll head to my desk and, if I encounter interference, I'll blurt out some unbelievable and repetitive bullshit that no one listens to anyways.

This happens on an almost daily basis, and it really gets annoying. I wanted some fuckin sleep, and it just so happened that not getting enough sleep is an illness, perhaps not on the level that I'm feeling it, but it is an illness nonetheless. So, on this most wonderful of Wednesdays I decided to pick up the phone and call in my instantaneous "sickness". Of course I gave my vow to work on the database from my laptop (which I did!) during this crazy 24-hour flu, and before I even hung up the phone, the world found a way to piss me off.

"Don't you have those brochures that Mike needed for the meeting today?"

Insert large sigh from me here

"Yeah you're right. I'll come drop 'em off right now."

So instead of my master plan allowing me to stay in bed, I actually had to rise up and face the day at my regular early time. I threw on a sweater and headed towards the office and darted back home as fast as I could. I crawled back into bed, of course feeling wide awake at this point.

As I laid there, I finished up Bringing Down the House, which is a great book by the way. It's about the MIT blackjack team and the millions they won. If you're a gambler on any level, this book will grab you by those addictive tendencies and rock your imagination into thinking that you're a professional card counter. It's a fun read for sure.

I did end up going back to sleep until about 2PM after I finished the book, which was exactly what I had been hoping for since the beginning of the day. After eating a bagel and drinking some juice, I saw that The Rock on Cinemax, which just so happens to be one of my favorite movies. The day started turning out to be one of the better days I've had.

After the movie, I made some dinner and couched it for the rest of the night, half working on the database and half playing some low limit online. I didn't put any socks on today. It was the best Wednesday I've had in a long time.

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