Monday, February 12, 2007

Chumash, Drinking, and Sleeping

On Friday Kirk and Darsky came up, both of them prepped and ready for a weekend of fun. We had made plans to have a home game on Friday night with a couple other friends from Santa Barbara, but instead it was decided that we were all going to Chumash instead.

I took off from work early and Darsky was waiting for me when I returned home to my apartment. Kirk showed up shortly afterwards, and after a little bit of me messin around we finally hit the road and were on our way to play some cards. Joe had already gone up earlier with the other two so we were to meet them there.

When we arrived the poker room was full to the brim, which was a welcome suprise to me. The last couple times I went to Chumash, the poker room was dead and the bastardly bottom-limit games were the only ones running. On this Friday night, however, there were multiple $2-5NL tables going, one of which was started on the very last available table, allowing Darsky and me to get a seat within a short amount of time.

For the better part of the night I was card-dead. I made a questionable move with K-Jo after dropping down to $60 with my first buy-in, and dwindled slowly over the next couple of hours after rebuying.

The tables weren't tough, but I picked up only two or three hands, raised preflop and got moved off on the flop after missing every time. I ended up getting the rest of my second buy in with a straight/flush draw and blanked both.

After Darsky and Kirk ended their sessions up winners we took off to FreeBirds, which is a locally renowned Mexican food place on the campus of UCSB. It's open 24/7, and is filled with as much hot college chick ass as good food. If you've been to UCSB, you've probably heard of it, if you haven't had it, and if you've never been then you will most definitely hear of it on your first visit. It's a spectacular foodly adventure.

The three of us went back to the apartment and readied the table for a four-way game of...yup...Bonedoneskis. Joe was waiting for us and ready to play. Joe, Dar, and I had been waiting to play BD for weeks now. Kirk was only semi-interested in the game, but he was able to scoop the first couple of pots he was in. We started play at 2AM and didn't finish our session until around 8:30AM. Darsky and I both ended up winner in that game (as expected).

On Saturday night we were planning on going out and having a night of drinking to celebrate Kirk's last weekend with us. He's moving out to 29 Palms in a matter of weeks, and this was a great opportunity to hang out with him one more time before he took off.

I slept until around 4PM on Saturday, which was a very welcome retreat to my previous week's sleep schedule. I'd been getting an average of 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night for the two weeks prior and felt pretty exhausted all last week. I got dressed and the three of us headed downtown to get some food.

We tried to hit up Arigato's, but it hadn't opened yet. I had heard of a new sushi place that I hadn't been to yet, so we decided to try to find that place instead. Little did we know that the place was all the way down the street from where I had parked. We finally found it twenty minutes later and had some good sushi with some Kirin.

After that we hit up a pub/bar/restaurant and started drinking the night away. We were able to land a pretty cool waitress, who would later join us in multiple rounds of shots later in the night. We enjoyed multiple rounds of Guinness and shot pool for the entire night. Darsky pretty much handled both Kirk and me on the table, but it was a good game nonetheless. We were able to have a couple blondes join us in pool throughout the night, and we ended up closing out the place. We were having a great time and our waitress had no problem having a good time with our group.

We stayed around for a little bit after the last call, sneaking in a couple rounds with the waitress (Melissa) and security staff of the place. All were fun people and good company, and I can only imagine what awesomely cool drunks we were to them. They eventually got us out of there, though we had to leave without the cute Melissa in tow.

The walk back to the car was wild. The world was spinning around me in multiple directions, and if there had been even two people on the sidewalk while we were walking back, I probably would have gotten lost between them.

It was definitely a good time hangin with these guys, as we'd never really hung out with Kirk too much before, and getting drunk with Darsky is always fun. I got pretty hammered, probably made some phone calls I shouldn't have made, and was quite rowdy when we all came back. Kirk got me in a wristlock, I was yelling for no reason, and for some reason Dar had his pants around his ankles for multiple minutes......

On Sunday I woke up late again. Kirk and Dar had left before I got up, and when I eventually rose out of bed my head felt like it needed to explode. We took a couple shots at the end of our stint that probably would've been best left out for Kirk and me, but Darsky seemed to handle himself like he does.

All in all, besides the massive headache for the entire night on Sunday, it was a great weekend and a lot of fun. I'm sorely bitter right now that I haven't cashed a single session since December. In Vegas last time I was the victim of bad luck and variance, while at Chumash I saw a total of six playable hands the entire session.

I don't know if Darsky and I will make it out to the city of lights this month, but I definitely wanna make it out there in early March. Hopefully by then my luck will turn around. Either that, or I'm hopin to find a good Bonedoneskis game when we go next time.


Darsky said...

You are so dilusional. I don't recall having my pants down at all. Now, I do tend to forget things when I get drunk, but it only takes a mention to bring back the memory. So I have to deny that one.

Kid Crash said...

Hahaha I didn't remember that part either, but Joe said you were standing in the hallway with your pants down, trying to "cheer me up"......

smc said...

As a disinterested first party, I would like to point out that Darsky has a long and colorful history of getting drunk and losing his pants...

Kid Crash said...

Hahaha I believe it