Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Movie Day

There used to be days in elementary school where we would have movie day. It usually happened around winter time when it was cold and wet outside, and the mood always seemed to gravitate around a quiet, sleepy feeling. Not a whole lot of work got done on these days, and these kind of days were definitely "in my neighborhood".

We would come in in the morning, review our homework from the night before for about 45 minutes, and then the lights would get turned off and we'd watch a movie. We'd take a break at lunch time where we'd eat inside, stand out under the overhang and watch the rain fall for a couple minutes, and then head back in until 3:30PM. Then we'd turn the lights back on, get our homework assignment for the night, and leave for the day.

I always got in trouble on these days anyways, because if I wasn't talking during class then I was talking during the movie. The length and subject of the movies inevitably bored me, as they were usually stupid and/or school-related films, so of course I was doomed to get in trouble. I was definitely glad not to have to do work, but dammit did I ever get bored.

Nevertheless these few days were the coolest school days ever, both because of the encouragement of laziness as well as the mood of the weather. Today is one of those days. Years later, obviously there's no homework to review or to receive, but the general feeling is the same.

After ending the week in a Summer-esque state, Sunday and yesterday turned into a chillfest. The morning was bitterly cold for the most part, and the day-time temperature seemed to follow the same. I spent the entire morning tucked away inside my company-sponsored hoodie while web-surfing and drinking massive amounts of coffee while lamenting over my current state of poker-ivity, wondering what the hell I'm gonna do and figuring out how I'm gonna hold up Darsky and my deal to take one trip a month to Vegas. It looks like I already missed the February trip, and the March trip is seeming further and further out of my grasp.

Now it's past lunch time, and I still haven't done anything. I'm bored and antsy from the coffee, lazy and cold feeling because of the weather, and somehow utterly content with all these feelings thanks to NBC putting the entire Poker After Dark series online. I'm going to watch the past couple nights' episodes and then hopefully do a tiny bit of work.

We have our game coming up at Paullywood Park this weekend, a $20-rebuy with probably around three tables. I took first in the $30 30-person at his house last time, so hopefully with the rebuy tourney I'll be able to make a little too to get my spirits up a little bit. I've been gettin beaten up for the past month and a half and could really use a decent session or a win at Pauly's to help my mental self out.

I'm going back to movie day now.

Until next time.

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