Friday, March 02, 2007

Daily Update: I'm Retarded for the post yesterday, I understand. I have an estranged view on things sometimes and it takes a big, crazy slap to the face to make me straighten out. If you read it and feel upset with my stupidity, rest soundly tonight knowing that the emotional swing of the thought of my job sent me into a tizzy and I've since recovered.

Moving on.

The donation craze talked about in the Holla B4LLA!! is now up around $30K. Most of these guys are donating and re-donating. It's really amazing to me that all these poker players, guys who are looked down upon and seen as lazy, careless, degenerate, etc. etc. came together like this and donated what they could. Some of these guys in their early 20's who are rolling are just throwing thousands of dollars, and those low limiters are throwing in $20 a pop too. If I weren't busto right now I'd help too, but I'm scraping this month as it is. Sorry kids, I wanna ship it.

I'd love to see the face of the office manager at the head Childrens, Inc. office after seeing a mad flood of donations in their e-mail. To just walk in one day and be hit with that must feel really cool. What it do BBV!

I've been spending too much time on 2+2 this week, I know.

Tonight I'll be heading out to Ventura for the weekend. I gotta get my car tuned up too, as I'm not gonna let myself go on this one. I've had a history of being lazy with my responsibilities, but I'm definitely not gonna let this one slide.

This post was weak. My apologies. Brain hurts. Adios.

Until next time.

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