Monday, March 19, 2007


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This weekend was our game at Paul's, and marks the second weekend in a row with a big fat donuthole for me. Luckily the past couple weekends of losses have been a bit smaller than my December-February stretch (only one zero in both instances, as opposed to two or three of them). And in fact, despite not even cashing in either of the two tournaments this weekend I actually left Paul's house with more money than I brought.

Darsky had and I had planned on meeting at PP early to get a bit of Bonedoneskis in before the tournies started. We had about an hour and a half to play, and of course when everyone started showing up they wondered why we were playing this stupid game with $200 on the table. *sigh*......they'll never understand.

I pretty heavily dominated Darsky (hahahahahaaaaa) in the beginning, and was able to defend a comeback by having him hit a big boat against my quads, and also by me making a move with the 4c on one (or two) occasions. I almost folded a BD draw, which made me feel like an idiot, but missed it when I stayed anyways. I also took a win in War to put me at 3-0 there as well. All in all with my good catches and big hands, I was able to pick $56 up off of Darsky before the tournies started.

This year Paully decided to do his $30 tournies a little differently, and because of some changes made I'm dealing one of the tables as well as the final table whenever we play, regardless of whether I'm still in the tourney or not. While this has tightened me up the past couple of weeks (good in this game), it also makes it difficult to play. Nevertheless, I'm not gonna stop playin...the game is super soft and many hands I see make me giggle.

The second hand of the tourney was pretty much my last one of the first tournament of the night. With starting stacks at T3000 and opening blinds at 25-50, we had five limpers to me and I limped the Kh-10h on the button. The small blind completed and the big blind decided to raise. How much? 50. Yup. Min-raise out of the SB to start the tourney. GREAT! Everyone called as did I and the SB behind me.

The flop came out 9h-Jh-x, and I immediately knew I was in trouble. The SB checked and the BB now bet 100 into the 800 pot. With two callers I bumped the bet to 600 and the BB called while the other two folded. The Ad hit the turn and the BB insta-pushed. I thought about it for a second before finally gambling and sticking the rest of my stack in. It was a bad call but I felt I had decent outs, and honestly I didn't really feel like dealing and playing the rest of the tournament.

I missed the river and was left with a single 25 chip which I quadrupled up to 100, only to lose it two hands later. I dealt the rest of the tourney with no worries and got tipped $15. Meh, whatever.

The second tourney I pushed 10-10 against a LAG player who happened to have Aces, and I was out of the second tourney with no cash again. I wasn't upset cuz I wasn't really in the mood to play and deal that night, though I kinda wished I woulda played better just because I haven't had a winning session in two months now and it's really taken its toll on me.

In any case I stuck around for the crazy quarter games afterwards and we played dealer's choice gambling games until around 2AM. I picked up another $50 there and actually ended the night up money after losing both tournies with no cash. That money bought me a tank of gas and that was just fine by me.

On Sunday I had a lot of laundry to do, and pretty much had a lot to do in general but accomplished nothing until night started to kick in.

In other news it's been over three months since I've had a haircut and coming up on two weeks since I've shaved. I plan on doing neither soon, as I'm sort of in a state of "not doing" right now. Whatever it is that I'm feeling now I'm glad it's not depression anymore.

And I have a feeling it has everything to do with Her.

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