Saturday, July 08, 2006

What is Life Without Poker?

Life has been pretty mundane since I haven't played poker in forever. Why? Cuz I can't. I need to save pretty much every single dollar I can until I get a new car. On top of that I'll be moving come September and my living expenses will increase dramatically. The bright side? I'll let you know when I find it.

Let's concentrate on more important things. Last time at Paul's I was doin alright but took a terrible beat to send me to the box early. With nine players left and the blinds at 200-400, I was sitting on about 14,000 and had Heather with about 18,000 on my left. A hand came up where Roland limped in from EP and it folded back around to me in the SB. I looked down at 9 10 offsuit and limped for an extra 200. Heather checked off and Joe dealt us a flop of 7-8-J rainbow. Boo yah!! I checked figuring that crazy Roland would bet if Heather checked, but much to my surprise Heather announced that she was all in for her 18,000 stack. Thanks for that!

Roland was messing with his chips and was looking like he wanted in badly, as I lied in wait waiting to nearly triple up right here. He eventually folded and I quickly did a "CALLNUTS" as I flipped over my straight. Heather showed QJ. Chris = 96.52% to win. Or is that to lose? I forget. Oh wait no yeah it was definitely 96% to lose. The turn came a 10 and the river a 9 and Heather kicked my ass to the rail. I don't mind losing, I've become emotionless to losing by this point. What DID get me ticked was that immediately upon the river completing her straight, Heather said "OH well I told you this tournament was mine I knew it was coming I told you I was gonna win this tournament. Sorry." Um....................

Words of wisdom to all players out there. Don't shove your 18,000 stack in on a rainbow straighted flop for a 1200 pot. Then if you give someone a huge beat after making a really stupid bet, first off don't tell someone that you KNEW it was coming. That's fuckin terrible and a really, really worthless and stupid comment. Secondly, don't tell them sorry, and especially if you just told them you thought it was coming. That's like a sure recipe for death. Luckily Heather's a good part of the group so I was only mad at her for a little bit when I stepped into the dealer's box.

I didn't play poker for that whole week afterwards because it was a bright reality that I needed to not spend money. Unfortunately for me and my money, Joe and I were supposed to head down to LA to meet up with Darsky and go to one of his friend's birthday BBQ and poker party. This guy had a nice backyard filled with people, and a hired casino party company who had provided seven poker tables, chips, cards, dealers. And on top of that a beautiful drink girl with a southern accent. The buy-in was $25, and there were three rebuys available for $25 also. So overall there was 68 players all basically putting in $100. Good? Yes. But not for me who's trying NOT to spend or gamble money. Luckily Joe said he'd put me in and we'd split the profit between us.

So the night went on and we ate and drank and played cards. Darsky took third (?) I believe and a decent size cash, and by the end of the tournament Joe and I had split a big honkin zero between the both of us. But not to worry! My mind quickly averted from poker and my attention was focused on the drink-running brunette beauty! I was quick to be my usual socially-adaptable self, and made small conversation with her when I could. We exchanged information as the night went on, and although she lives in LA, I'm talking to her now. I always enjoy meeting new people :)

Some exciting things have come about this week. Joe took money out of his account for bills for the first time this week! That's both exciting and scary. It makes it quite a definite reality that he is INDEED playing poker for a living. It's kinda scary for him since he's been watching his online account grow for the past month, and now has to take out a bit to pay for life. He's been doing pretty well playing 5/10 Stud for the past month, and it looks like he'll be doin fine for a while to come. Last night he also placed 5th out of 2655 players in Party's 40K Guaranteed. He was disappointed that he couldn't nab the $11,120 first place, but the chip leader took AQ against JoeDinski's 55 and turned the A, sending him packing with a $2,700 cash. Still not bad for $22. He's been playing well and building, so he's doin it.

And if you haven't followed Darsky's trail into becoming a full-time pro, you need to! He's finally doing it!! You can see the start of it here, and then the further exploration of it here, and the decision here. It's definitely an exciting and defining time for him and his close friends, so keep up with it. THAT'S how you do it!

Like I said before, I might not be playing for a while. Backers are always welcome, cuz I can still play the game. It is pretty boring without playing though...Although me and the guys have been hittin up the beach and throwin the disc around a lot lately. It definitely feels good to get out in the sun and run around a bit after being jammed inside a casino for the past year straight. Perhaps it's time to hit the volleyball courts, no?.............

Until next time, here's my new favorite quote:

"I used to be a gambler. I quit gambling. I quit yesterday. I quit again this morning, and I'll lay six-to-one, I'll probably quit again this morning." - Walter Matthau

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