Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Life: Encumbered

It's been 2 weeks and it already feels like I haven't played poker for years. I've just been takin it easy around the house lately, but shit it feels boring. Where's the excitement? Where's the thrills? I try not to watch poker on TV cuz it makes me crave it more. I try not to follow the WSOP online cuz it makes me crave it more. But who are we kidding? I've watched the 2005 USPC reruns like fifteen times this week alone, and it's only Wednesday. But it's not like I can't play cards. I can, but I can't, ya know what I mean?? Sure I could take $400 down to Chumash and see if I can't get on another $3,000 streak at the 2/5NL, but that wouldn't be the right move right now. If I lost the $400 I'd feel even worse than I do now.

I'm gettin really bummed out here because August is right around the corner. And with August this year comes Chumash's August Extravaganza, a large-field tourney yielding $100,000 for first place. The only problem is the $500 entry fee. Does anyone know a faithful backer? I won't be able to put up the entry fee for myself, thanks to troubling financial problems on the personal front. Although I suppose I could find a check for $530 in the street on the way home today. Either that or I could find a way to multiply the $5.30 in my pocket by 100 times, and then I'd be set. Now that's an idea.

On Sunday night I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean II, which I thought was as great as the first one. Then I went down to the campus on Monday night to hang out with Casey, he came out for his birthday. We hung out at a good friend's house with a few others, drank some drinks, and had an all-around good time. That's been the main highlight of pretty much the last two months. Gotta love hangin with Casey and his girlfriend, always good times.

Aside from all my bumming out I watched the first two seasons of Entourage on DVD this week. If you guys haven't seen that show, then you either don't like watching good shows, or you're out of the loop. In either case, I think that if you didn't like it if you've seen it, you should force yourself to watch it cuz you WILL like it, guaranteed. By the way, this is the first time in a long time that I borrowed a DVD to watch it instead of buying it. It hurt a little.

And on a last note I can say that not all is bad. I've been talking to Meredith (quite obsessively) over the past couple of weeks. She seems great! She's smokin' hot, she's a fun person, I can't get enough of her southern accent(it drives me wild), and she seems to like talking to me as much as I do her. Bad side? Of course there's still a bad side. She lives 2 hours away.

Nothing in life can never be too easy.


Darsky said...

"Now that's an idea."

Excellent use of that quote (even though you didn't quote it).

There is a lot of time between now and the tournament. Something could be done. Hey! What about the $25 super satellites on Mondays? Maybe 2 or 3 attempts at that? Or maybe we can come up with something else.

Kid Crash said...

I suppose I could do that, I'd have to check the schedule to see when they stop those, but it'd be worth a try. I thought about this before, but not too seriously. I'll let you know if I decide to try it.

Tremomey said...

If I win over 100k in Vegas you can expect 500 to be shipped your way, sir.


Kid Crash said...

Hey man, I appreciate that :)