Saturday, July 15, 2006

Until Next Time

This blog might be done and over with for a long time. I suppose I could continue writing about stuff that happens in every day life, but I started this blog to write about poker and its influences on my life. And since I've decided to stop playing poker altogether, I suppose this blog will not continue to serve its purpose. I'm tired of losing to 3-outers, 4-outers, and 7-outers. It's heartbreaking, it's walletbreaking, and worst of all right now it's mindbreaking.

I've been playing this game for over 2 years now and I've gone through good rushes and tournament wins, and I've been through depressing lows. Obviously recently, thanks to extreme misfortune and horrible luck, I'm experiencing a very depressing low. I haven't been up to the casino in while because I squandered away my most recent rush, and the little I've put online in the past few days have all gone to crazy turns and rivers, and it's making me angry and depressed, neither of which is normally part of my personality.

I'm glad Joe is succeeding playing stud online, and I'm glad Darsky has enough resources and talent to consider playing poker full-time as well. I wish them both luck because I know and feel that they can do it. Unfortunately after all this time it looks like I just can't do it. I can't handle all the bad beats as of late, mainly because I don't have the bankroll to sustain them. I'll decide at a later time if I'll be playing Paul's monthly home game or not, but right now my state of mind is telling me that I won't.

I've been able to get this blog a lot of visitors and viewers, and I'm not sure how many out there are regulars from CT, or FCP, or the Hideout, but I'm sorry if you're a regular reader because it's killin me to not write this anymore. I enjoy writing, it's a hobby of mine, it's something I enjoy tremendously, and if you all want me to keep writing, anything at all, then leave a comment in my comment box. If not, this page will slowly die. Thanks for reading.


Darsky said...

Its not all about poker. You do lead an interesting life and have plenty of insights to write about. So just write here whenever inspiration strikes. I'll read it. Others will, too. And you might just find it cathartic.

Darsky said...

Oh, btw, 20yo? You'll be back.