Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Session 12 Update

Learning learning learning.  Relearning.

I feel like when I did when I first started playing poker at 17.  I was a student of the game, a hobbyist, and very quickly an addict.  Nowadays I'm so addicted to anything, really, although lately I haven't been able to get the strategy of poker out of my mind every day - which is good, because I really am learning things about the IDEA of poker, and not so much worrying about the beats I take along the way.

Joe's rounding again...he'll thank me for that.

Session 12 was a wild one.  I started up a decent amount right off the bat, and then all at once took some beats and was put in a few awkward spots and was back down to even.  Then I picked up AA, AQ, AQ, AK, AK, KK, and JJ within a single round through all 12 tables.  I think I picked up one buyin with them all, and then lost a buyin with JJ.  I wouldn't normally stack myself with Jacks, but I had my reason this time around.

All in all, even though it was a wild ride, I managed to pick up a few bucks.


Gain/Loss: +$6.22
Tournament Gain/Loss: $0
Total Bankroll Increase/Decrease: +$13.28
Total Bankroll: $53.28

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