Monday, May 31, 2010

Quick Update

Finally have good news to write home about!  I popped up an hour's worth of sesh on Friday before the holiday weekend, and pulled in solid profit.  I decided to 12-table again and found myself in a great zone. I'm probably going to be 12-tabling regularly, as it feels a lot better than four tabling Sit-N-Go's, and I really think I'm a better cash player than tournament player anyways.

I still might switch over to Sit-N-Go's at later levels if I think I can constantly beat them, but I still don't have enough SNG strategy knowledge to make it a full time thing yet.

I'll probably play again tonight, and hopefully end up with some good results again.  I honestly think I can beat the cash games, even though I'm currently short stacking.


Gain/Loss: +$9.80
Tournament Gain/Loss: $0
Total Bankroll Increase/Decrease: +$6.67
Total Bankroll: $46.67

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