Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running Bad = Playing Not

After getting my soul crushed two days in a row last week, I haven't even wanted to open up PStars lately.

I have no stats and no poker tracker, as I really have no desire to keep such information on hand.  I started this thing just wanting to play some cards, and thought I was off to a good start.  Unfortunately, the tides have turned, and they've turned hard.

The plays I loved to see in the beginning weeks started winning against me, and I suddenly hate every move of every penny player with a fire defeated not even by our sun.

Downtick, downturn, turn off.

The one thing I do feel right now is the urge to gamble.  After seeing my odds turned upside down time and time again over a two-day span, the only thing I want to do is flip.  I definitely veered off of my plan when the cards starting acting against my favor, and I played a few bigger games and tournaments out of steam that I shouldn't have - my petty penny bankroll has paid.

If I want to play real cards and try to keep on track to build my bankroll, I need to rest again and realize my rules once more before I jump back into the games


OPERATION: ROBUSTO - Session(s) Whatever

Gain/Loss: -$22.18
Tournament Gain/Loss: -$11
Total Bankroll Increase/Decrease: -$16.93
Total Bankroll: $23.07

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