Thursday, July 15, 2010

Operation: Still Busto

Once again broke and so over trying to build a bankroll out of pennies that I can't even blog about it.

Missed a nut-nut draw in Omaha Hi/Lo to someone who called with...a broadway straight draw with no low.  I even overbet the pot, because I figured, hey, even at penny-stakes people have brains.

No.  They don't.

So I reloaded $10 on Tilt to try to change things up and sat a NL game.  Got stacked with two pair to a set on the turn.

GG me.  Don't expect me to ever blog about penny poker again.  Ever.


In other news, I won $50 playing Pauly's used-to-be-often-but-not-so-much-now cash games the other night, so all in all in poker related gambling numbers, I'm dead even over the past couple of months.

Operation: Robusto - session nothing
Bankroll: nonexistent

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