Monday, October 29, 2007

Go Pack Go!

I'm not a Green Bay fan, but I was sure rooting for them to win last night. Brett Favre is a legend in the game, and everyone knows it. Anyone who denies that he is clearly has no idea what they're talking about.

Not only does he play the game great, but he plays with more passion, more emotion, and more love for the game than anyone in the league right now. He shows that he's happy when he's winning, and he shows that he's determined when the Pack are trailing.

Putting your heart, not just your body, into the game is something that should not go overlooked nowadays. The league is too full of crybabies and spotlighters. Receivers prance around like idiots in the endzone and linemen chop invisible trees when they do their job and make a tackle behind the line. Players complain about salaries, and when they can't do that they complain about their teammates.

Favre stays out of all that. When he throws for a touchdown the only celebration you'll see from him is his index fingers pointing in the air as he runs to his closest teammate to give them a hug, all the while shouting with happiness, proud that both he and his team can play the game. He's a true player, a true lover of football.

With all of that being said, #4 wasn't the reason I was happy to see the Packs win last night. Because they did take the W I score my weekend saving underdog parlay card, hitting for a +4312 to recover some loss on other games and come up with a decent profit. It's still small beans moneywise, but I'm workin my way up.

I would've hit for another smaller card if Tennessee would've covered the seven points, which was easily doable. The Raiders put up 14 penalties for 100 yards and had two turnovers. On top of that, they are just a horrid, horrid team, and I was shocked and pissed that the Titans couldn't capitalize on their opportunities in game.

I refused to bet the Philadelphia game this weekend, mainly because I've made a vow to not bet their games for the rest of the season. I'm tired of sitting at home watching my team and money get blown by boneheaded plays and faulty formations on field. I wasn't gonna do it again this weekend.

I headed over to my dad's house this weekend to enjoy the one thing that I can about the Philadelphia Eagles: they'll destroy the Minnesota Vikings every time they get on the same field.

After a horrible first half of the season, I've become quite the dejected Eagles fan. The defense is battered and the offense is not even mediocre. They had a rough start to the season and coming off of a bye week they crushed the Detroit Lions, putting up 56 points total with Kevin Curtis accounting for 221 yards in the receiving lane and Brian Westbrook running for 110 yards.

I was excited to see them win, and from the central NFL hub that is my father's house, I was able to keep track of all of my games and bets thanks to his NFL Gameday package. This weekend we have Paullywood Park coming up, and I'll probably stay at my dad's again on Sunday so that I can channel-change the day through while I either win or lose some more money.

All in all, it was a pretty good Sunday, with my weekend betting culminating in an overtime win by the green and yellow.

Until next time.

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