Sunday, August 12, 2007

Drinking, Gambling...Living

This weekend was another one filled with drinking and gambling, and of course the now weekly Sunday Taco Bell trip. None of these things are good or healthy for me but they're the only things I'd ever want to do. Luckily, there are friends around me who feel the same way.

I started Thursday with an e-mail from an online betting site that they'd give me $10 for free just to log in, since they've been pestering me to make a deposit and I've yet to do so. I checked it out and it seemed legit, and sure enough as soon as I signed in I got $10 for free no strings attached. I had to put it in play, and just as soon as I got it I bet it on a preseason NFL game, which is about as much of a senseless gamble as anyone could ever think of.

Of course I won it, and put it back on another game the next day and promptly lost, albeit to a small margin. I'm thinking about taking some time off from casino gambling, but maybe betting the NFL football season. I probably shouldn't do either, but like I said...oh well.

On Thursday Darsky had invited me down to L.A. to go barhopping after work on Friday. I had some stuff to take care of and a lot to clean up around the apartment since I wasn't going to be home for the majority of Saturday, and although I went all day Friday telling myself I was going to go anyways, I ended up staying in Santa Barbara. Chores are chores and they gotta get done! Sorry Darsk.

I didn't want to stay inside all night though, so I called Mitch and told him to make his way out at around 11. I finished up most of the stuff I needed to and as I finished up a little web surfing Mitch, Carlos, and John all showed up. We headed to Dargan's and quickly got to drinking, considering we only had 2 hours left before last call.

My efforts to save money have been cut short this week, solely from going downtown and drinking with people. My generosity in the matter has taken its toll before, however on Friday night it was Carlos that was gonna take the gold medal for bar tab offerings. I took up $50 for our first round of shots and beers, while Carlos covered $150 for the rest of the night after that. If you can do the math, you'll figure out how much we had to drink.

A while later, after sobering up quite a bit, we took a drive to Chumash where we lost money and got aggravated at our previously fearless alcohol provider for playing blackjack like an idiot. Again, my money-saving efforts were cut short by my problematic love for gambling. I lost a little bit, got pissed that I was even there, and told the guys that we were goin home.

We all eventually crash at around 7:30AM, and we chalked up another successful night of fun time livin.

I woke up on Saturday at about 10AM for a little bit, and then again at about 11:30. I drudged my way over to the couch, and made a little bit playin small stakes on Full Tilt for about an hour before I took a shower and got ready to head out to the valley for lunch with my dad and Paul's game.

Mitch was up for the game and met us out there. Kirk had driven into town from 29 Palms, and although he was gonna be there this time to have our old crew together, Darsky would not be staying to play. He did end up dropping by, but had previous plans for the night.

This was a huge deal, as Darsky and I have been friendly vying for the top spot in points in our home game's leaderboard. Thanks to a soft start to the year, I fell into the middle of the pack fast. However, with a rally over the last two months I've been able to close in on Dar.

Two games ago I was able to come to within one point of the bastard. Last game I was absent and he widened his lead to four points. This time around, he was the one not attending and I had a chance to hopefully overtake him. By the end of the night, I was to have at least closed into one point of him, if not overtake him, or else I would be one sad dude.

As I walked in and stared at the point board, I admired his name atop the list but knew it wouldn't last long! I geared up, taking a 3rd and a 6th, bringing in 4 points and a tie game. It wasn't a total overtake, but a tie was okay with me at the end of the night.

As of today, with a level ground, we have $100 bet on who finishes the year with the most points. As of right now, IT'S ON.

Today was a weird Sunday. I didn't really do much except for laundry, but it's been a melancholy afternoon for the most part. Usually on Sundays, the thought of Monday at the office doesn't bother me. In the past Vegas, LA, drinking over long weekends, etc have never made me feel like going back to work would be a drudge, but for some reason I'm really dreading going back tomorrow.

I'm sure I'll be alright, but dammit work is starting to get super uncomfortable...

Until next time.

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Brando said...

you're right... the lost video poker war has scarred me pretty deep. I havn't been the same since... *sigh*