Monday, July 23, 2007

Shortstacking Vegas Pt. I

This weekend was the funnest time I've had in Vegas since I've been legal to go, and coincidentally it was with the smallest amount of cash I've yet to go with. I wasn't even planning on going on this trip because, despite not paying for food or alcohol on the entire trip to New York, I still managed to spend over $1,000 on the entire 10 days.

Originally when the idea of this Vegas trip had been introduced six months ago, Casey had called and told me that he was having his birthday in Vegas and that there were going to be a bunch of people and that I needed to go to celebrate his 21st. I was obviously instantly in for another trip to the city that never sleeps, and that was that. Fast forward to recent days, where that same city has taken me for thousands while I sit here getting fat and grinding out a meager living from behind a desk, and all of a sudden spending more money in Vegas seems like a nightmare.

Of course that thought never lingers long in my mind no matter what amount of money I have, so on Friday night I took off to Vegas with $400 in my pocket. Previously I've lost too much and spent too much in a day to think anything other than that going to Vegas for a weekend with $400 was stupid.

On my previous visits, I had it in my mind that I would just player poker and nothing else. Just win at poker, build a roll, live like a legend, and come home with grandiose stories of $1,000 dinners and amazing suites, sharing the extremities given only to the highrollers and superstars.

Yeah right.

For the past trips this year I've lost and won and poker, I've defected to the blackjack table after every session, and I've gotten smoked for every dime I've had every time I've gone. Grinding the tables and living the high life is what I've come to love and respect, yet I don't know why since I haven't been able to experience anything close to it yet. This weekend was about more than that, though.

After returning from New York, I was almost positive that I wouldn't make it out for this vacation a week later. I had spent too much too recently and was extremely sour at gambling for the dirty ride it's given me since my own birthday in December. Adding in the fact that I'm on such a strict financial plan right now, it was looking like a definite no-go.

But on Friday morning I found out that pretty much everyone bailed at the last second. Casey's been my best friend since I was three years old, and I knew I couldn't let him go with no friends by his side. I rallied Mitch (the ultimate Vegas friend), and although he couldn't get any cash together at the last second, we took off to Vegas Friday night.

Our good friend Decker was there when we showed up, and another friend had flown in last second as well. With five guys and a horribly small amount of gambling money, it was gonna be difficult to survive the weekend, but we were determined to make it happen.

We arrived at about 2PM and immediately hit up Buffalo Wild Wings. For some reason, despite all the amazing places to eat in Vegas, I've made it a personal mission to eat at BWW every time I'm there. I've given up on the Rainforest Cafe thing, so I guess this will forever take it's place. I love nothing more than a great meal, whether I'm paying $100 or cooking it myself, but for no reason at all I just have to eat crappy and/or junky food on a semi-regular basis. If anyone knows why I do this, let me know cuz I'd like to stop being retarded.

Anyways...after BWW we got back to the hotel room at the Nugget and decided that if we had any chance at staying alive for the rest of the weekend, we'd need to grind our pennies into dollars at the $5 tables downtown. What was about to take place in the next two days was the funnest time I've had yet in Vegas. Stay tuned tomorrow for a more exciting Pt. II.

Until next time.

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