Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reviewing Reviews

For clarification purposes (so I don't look like a moron), I'd like to point out that the hand recall I posted yesterday does not fall into my regular range of play. The way I normally play is already formed out of years of playing and previous revision, so most of the hands I'll post are hands that are out of the ordinary.

Obviously, the negative feedback that I receive on such hands is positive affirmation of why certain elements of play have no regular spot in my arsenal. The positive comments about certain aspects allow me to apply that to other hands in specific scenarios in the future. I'm a strong believer that changing up plays and finding out certain maneuvers in the game are what make you a better player, and every time you find something new is another step closer to becoming a great player.

In that specific hand, there were plenty of reasons I made the plays I did. Obviously, if it weren't a $1/2NL game it would've run a bit differently than it did. But even in that exact scenario I was changing up play to try something new. On the river in that spot I will usually check every time. But rest assured that the idea of not betting without +EV was an idea learned by me early, and is instinctual at this point.

Brando - I agree with everything you put in the comment box on that hand. On that river I check every time, except for this one hand when I decided to "see what happens". I don't usually do that, and we're on the same page of thinking there. I appreciate your feedback and any strat you're willing to talk, because I find you to be a great player, and if the things that you're saying are the things that I'm thinking then I guess I'll do just fine when I start playin regularly again :)

Another hand that unfolded very strangely in that same session (damn $1/2NL....I swear these people confuse me) came up right after I got hit by the inside straights twice in a matter of minutes to felt me. I rebought for $200 and quickly called off a couple missed flush draws, putting out a pretty steamy image pretty quickly after my rebuy.

Then a strange-ish hand came up. I'm not sure on the exact details, but I'm pretty sure this was close. Darsky may chime in if something is horribly wrong in my recap, as he was standing right there. Again, here's the setting:
1-seat - me
2-seat - Very loose and a huge non-believer. Overplayed all of his hands and chased out of his mind. Bought in for the full $500 and down to about $300.
5-seat - Very quiet, mellow player. He didn't say a word except for "nice hand" and seemed to be playing tight-ish preflop and made some loose calls postflop. His betting patterns were aggressive when he had it, check/call when he didn't.

5-seat was the one who caught on me the second time around. He now had about $350 in front of him. I was sittin on about $170 with the 2-seat still on around $300.

I posted the BB, 2-seat limped UTG and 5-seat popped it to $15 from mid position. It folded around to me and I looked down at 5s-6s. I sprung two more redbirds into the pot and 2-seat followed me with a call.

Flop: 5c-5d-Ah.

BBBOOOMMM. I check, as did 2-seat before 5-seat fired right out with $20. I looked to my left to see the eager beaver behind me with four chips in his hand ready to call. Figuring 2-seat loved to call everything that was sent his way, and the fact that I was positive the tightish 5-seat would fire again on the turn, I opted for a flat call now and a check again on the turn. I called off as did our buddy behind me.

Turn: 6c

The prettiest card I could've seen peeled off. I followed through with my plan to check, and 2-seat checked once again as 5-seat came out with $45. Out of the corner of my eye I once again saw 2-seat impatiently count out and set aside nine chips for the call. Here I didn't know if I should slow down and let him in, or push it in against the both of them. I didn't really have a range on 2-seat because of the fact that he played everything. It was possible for him to have A-10 as much as it was for him to have 4-4.

I decided to call off one more time and open shove the rest of my $90-ish into the two players behind in a decent-sized pot. The stop and go is not a commonly used play by me, but I figured it to get the most out of 2-seat. Also, I figured that with my stack size compared to the pot and based on the play I'd seen at the table to this point, if they both had a big Ace I might get a call from both on the river and triple up.

River: Qc

I pushed my remaining stack out. 2-seat squiggled around in his seat for a second, asking "aww man did you hit that running clubs?", and "aaawwww come onnn....". He eventually folded after a bit of hesitation, and then 5-seat hit the tank.

Now that 2-seat dropped out I was pretty sure 5-seat was comin in. He also debated for a little bit while counting out the call. He messed with his chips and finally pushed them in with a bit of doubt on his face. I flipped over the boat and he nodded his head in acceptance. "Nice hand."

Ship it to me the moniez.

2-seat laughed and said that he laid down A-10 as I scooped the pot. Minutes later I would bust him for his last $46 with my AK soooted against his 10-10. He left with a huff.

Darsky was done with his session and we left pretty shortly after that. I came back from the earlier loss and cashed out up $160 before heading over to and getting sucked out on at the MGM $2-5NL for around $800.

Again, comments on the hand are much appreciated. Keep in mind the stakes. If it were a higher game the play would probably be transparent, but as it was it played out with maximum profit for me.

Until next time.

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Brando said...

If I had to make a list of the top 10 hands I play the most i'm sure on that list you would find 56 suited. I think that regardless of the stakes you're going to catch that big ace or pair going "did he really call my huge raise with a 5?" and that's why these hands are so deadly. I like the smooth call on the turn to get the maximum into the pot. If the 2 seat was a threat to beat you I think he would of had to raise the turn. I'm also happy to see you resisted the urge to check raise the river. lol that move is -EV in my book. in my humble opinion it was very well played sir