Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Regular Realization of the Work Tarp

After a horribly boring Wednesday through Friday, Friday night did not fail to deliver. I made plans with a chick friend to go out for dinner, drinks, etc. She had school on Saturday morning, so she couldn't drink a lot, but I had no such restrictions and I was determined to erase some of the most boring days I'd experienced in a while.

I headed downtown at around 6PM to meet up with a couple people who were drinking where one of our friends was bartending that evening. I wasn't meeting for dinner until around 8, so I had a little bit of time to hang out and take care of a few beers. When she showed up she sat for one drink before we took off to find food.

We ended up finding a nice Italian place, where we polished off a really good meal and a bottle of pinot noir. We had a great time, the atmosphere was super nice, and the $126 bill was well worth it. After that we hit up a pub for some more drinks and ended up staying until close.

She seemed to be having a great time, and for me it was definitely another great getaway from the daily, uninteresting grind at the office. Most days while I'm at work I just go through the motions. Come in, pound through six cups of coffee before 11 o'clock comes around, and start thinking about lunch. After lunch, I head back and wait for 4:30 to come around so I can get home.

The work I do is not hard, nor is it incredibly mind-draining. There's been a few times when I've actually had to use my brain, and in those few scarce times I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed the mental challenge, and when no one else is smart enough to figure out solutions to the problems presented to the company, I like being the one that can help.

It's because of that that I have the position I do with this company, and why I'm seen as valuable to the higher ups. The downside of what I do is that when I'm not needed to do things that require skills/brains, all the menial tasks bore me beyond belief.

When I got back from Vegas last weekend, I felt awesome. Vegas is always nonstop fun, as evidenced by last weekend when I was up for 50 hours straight. Even when I return from Vegas, the thrill of the time spent there will keep my mind occupied for a couple days. Of course, after the memories dissipate I'm left to daydream about the next time I'll be able to head out there again.

Luckily for me, on Tuesday I was presented by a request from the big bossman to work on a project that could take months to accomplish. He was pretty blatant about the fact that he knew that nobody else in the small company could handle it, and that I was more qualified to take on the quest more than even he was. I know that the suits of companies have to talk up the valuable employees so that they'll stick around, and that's something I'll never forget. But even with that, I sure did feel like a badass at the end of the lunch meeting.

Even though I'm not getting paid a lot right now, I hear a lot of promise and have already seen a little bit of follow through. I'm making a decent amount for my age right now, and I feel like if I stick around for a while I could be making quite a bit at a pretty young age. That thought, coupled with the freedom I have working for a small business (leaving early, alcohol at lunch, etc. etc.) have kept me around this long already, and will probably keep me here for a while more.

For now, I'll put up with the monotony of the every day work, but I can only imagine how bored I'll be until something big happens.

Until next time.


Brando said...

ah yes... the 9-5 work week. I can't say I miss it. If you ever decide on that career change i hear vegas is great! as for craps.. i'm looking forward to the next visit from you guys

Kid Crash said...

I've often thought about moving out there to deal poker until I get on my feet, but I have a buddy who deals out there that pretty much assured that it's difficult to get in anywhere out there.

Fortunately, this job is starting to pick up steam and I might make somethin of myself if I stick with it.

And Darsky hates gambling now that he's playing full-time, but we definitely gotta pull him into the pit.