Tuesday, May 13, 2008

There's a Place to Gamble, and There's a Place to Complain About Life

I feel like I created this blog to tell stories of degeneracy and (a now recognized failure of) gambling domination, but lately all that's come from Sitting the Apple is a bunch of self-loathing and gray matter that's more accurately described as mental excrement than ingenious brainiacal amazement. Therefore, I created a new place to put my daily whines so I can keep this blog for its intended purpose: the GAMBOL!

I'd like to lead you now to: Splendid Simplism. I can only hope that the title exorbitantly explains the confusion I seem to currently be in. Whereas here I will hopefully eventually sit the apple, there I will freely sit in a corner of my mind and unleash the hells that I face outside of the gambling world.

Never stay gone from Sitting the Apple too long, though, I have many unwritten tales of Vegas that I see coming to life in the near future...

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