Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Blog Again...

I haven't blogged or played poker in quite some time now. While this won't be a full entry, it will be a reminder to myself that I do like writing, despite the fact that I often find myself too lazy to do so. I have plenty of uncompleted entries and ignored titles in my Blogger queue, but to see the day in which they all come to fruition seems to be more and more of a distant hope as the days at work pass.

To quit or to push through.

To drink or to stay sober.

To spend or to save.

If I don't write out the hassles, the hassles seem to build up. Perhaps it's time that I truly start writing. Perhaps it's time to make something of myself and maybe to rejoin society as a successful member and contributor instead of a 22-year-old office drone who rarely does good by anyone and who thrives on mediocrity.

To write or to stay the pen.


TreMomey said...

hey man long time no talk.. i started up a new blog, hopefully I can stick with it ;)

TreMomey said...

oh and also dude i just read the last entry and you have to give me part 2!! get to writing!!!

Sitting the Apple said...

Heheh yeah I guess it's time to hit the memory banks and crank out some words.

Thanks for the updates link too, I've been keeping an eye on your old blog, I'll make sure to update your new link.