Monday, September 10, 2007

An Angry Couch Coach and Meeting Mom

Sunday was a disappointing opener to the season, as Philly lost what was supposed to be an easy win against Green Bay. Even though a couple big roster changes took place on the defense, it ended up being the Eagles' sophomoric special teams show that brought them to lose.

In starting Lewis to return punts for the first time in his NFL career, they allowed numerous mistakes. In general it looked like the team forgot about special teams training altogether. Every punt return looked even worse than my unrated high school team, resulting in a fumble recovery for a touchdown, a turnover, and a tackle that could have been misconstrued for a decapitation.

As I sat on my couch and yelled at the multi-million dollar franchise and its players and coaches, I saw the fresh defensive team make plays and bring on the power that Jim Johnson so awesomely creates for the team. Unfortunately, the punt return mistakes are what ultimately lead to their first loss of the season against a team that should have presented less of a challenge.

Although I've abandoned the thought of betting the season through this year, I thought about betting this game this weekend. In the end I'm glad I decided not to, as I'd be pretty upset because of the way the game was lost. Overall, it was pretty disappointing.

Saturday was a more satisfying day. I went to Ventura to meet Steph's mom and have dinner, and it was a great time. From the stories I'd heard I knew I'd like her mom, and she seemed just weird enough to like me back. Upon first impression she didn't disappoint!

I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but when she showed up she had a cute style and a personality that I knew I could get along with. We hung out at Steph's while I sat on the couch and listened to the two of them talk about stuff for a little bit before we went to dinner, where I really got to talk and get to know her mom. Towards the end of dinner Steph began to get irritated with her, as seems to be the norm with a lot of girls I've been around for whatever reason, but I still thought her mom was awesome fun.

I'm sure I have a great time comin with her as Steph and my relationship moves forward. I'm heading back out to Ventura after work today for a barbecue at her mom's place along with Stephanie's friends and roommates, and I can only assume that it's gonna be a good time. I'm eager to get to know the crew better, so hopefully things will go smoothly...

As the year moves forward I'm thinking more heavily about what I'm going to buy myself for my birthday this year, and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a new TV and a 360. I don't watch too much TV nor do I play too many video games, which is why I've yet to make these specific purchases. But I would like to have both nonetheless, so as December nears I'm thinking more heavily about exactly what TV I want to get and whether or not it's going into the safety of my room, or if I should leave it in the hazard zone of the living room.

Blah, too much thinking for a Monday. I'll elaborate more later.

Until next time.

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