Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Spiritful Day in the Office

I've been working a bunch this past week, and wouldn't you know it after four days of actual work (okay...make that three days) I feel like not doing a damn thing today. Yes working full time can be dull, but I really can't complain about the office that I've become accustomed to.

For starters, my job is a thinking man's job. Most of my job consists of figuring out answers to the company's technical problems, whether it comes to me while messing around with formulas for days or staring at the ceiling for hours while the wheels in my brain turn. The other part of my job requires I apply the solutions, however the fact that I'm a quick and efficient worker means that I don't expend too much energy when it comes to actually doing something with the thoughts that I have. I get paid for being efficient, not for working hard.

Secondly, my boss(es) are my closest allies here, which is leaps and bounds above what a lot of people can say about their current jobs. In the wake of the current owner/boss's announcement of retiring this year, he's brought in his son-in-law to take command. Because I was so well-liked by the Big Man, I had a pretty good head start in my relations with the new boss, who I'll deem as the Small Man. And as it turns out, he's a gambler.

Our Fridays now usually consist of lunch (on the company, of course) with three rounds of beers followed by some after lunch $5 a pop prop betting action back at the office. After about 2 o'clock on Friday, both of us can be seen either yelling and cheering or shying away in shame thanks to some random bet of the hour. And let me remind you, this is my boss and future part-owner of the company.

After the Big Man leaves for good to retire to his multi-million dollar home high up in the Montecito Hills, the ownership of the company is being divided between a select few people. The people that it's being shared with are not the best advocates to receive such responsibilities, yet it's all the company's got. Here's where I come in.

The Small Man has come to me recently with the proposal of keeping the company together when the big boss heads off to retirement. This means keeping an eye on the company-wide computer system that spans over three branches currently (soon to be five) as well as moving away from the technical standpoint and moving more towards the higher rankings of the company runnings. He's made it pretty clear that over the next year I'll become his right-hand man.

For all those that work in an office environment, I basically have the position that you want. For those of you out there lucky enough to not have an actual job, I basically have the position that you'd want if you ever had to get confined to an office. Things are good.


Darsky said...

Hey! That last comment wasn't directed at me was it? Well, if the shoe fits.
This is sounding good. You can send some contract work my way when you're playing Cheney to the Small Man's Bush. You can call me Black Puddle or Murky Water.

Brando said...

you are of course assuming that I would not figure out a way to kill myself first before accepting my fate as an office worker.
It sounds like things are looking good for you tho bro. congrats!