Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Decisions of the Day

The rest of this week will present me with many decisions. Should I do my laundry or continue to wear week-old wrinkled shirts to work? Should I switch up my favorite "Wednesday Special" sandwich for lunch from the deli? To drink on Thursday, or not to drink on Thursday? Is wearing shorts and flip flops to this job acceptable or should I stick to the casual dress style just because, even though no one is around? Should I go to the Warped Tour at Seaside Park on Saturday or should I head over to Paullywood Park?

That last one there is one (probably the only one) that I actually have to make a decision on. I was going to go to the Warped Tour with a friend and a bunch of her friends, but she is no longer going, and rather than trying to find some friends to go with last second I'd rather hit up Paullywood Park and deal. This weekend is the $20 rebuy tourney, which has been great for the few times we've run it so far this year.

I'm kinda bummed since I've been wanting to go to Warped for a while now after hearing the gnarly line up of bands that are gonna be there, but there's good and bad about going. The good is obviously a bunch of good bands, good music, beer. The bad is running into a bunch of people I'd rather not see, paying a ton on overpriced tickets, food, and beer, and also the fact that tiny Seaside Park will be jam packed and there will barely be room to move by the end.

If I choose Paul's game, I'll have to deal and play at the same time, which I have come to despise since it's been my assigned "duty" by Paul himself. I don't mind dealing, and in fact I actually enjoy it. What I don't enjoy is not being able to concentrate on playing, and then not getting tipped for dealing for seven hours and not making cash in the tournaments.

I continue to deal and play for three reasons: 1) it's a fun, soft game that doesn't require explicit attention, 2) I've actually cashed 1st-3rd for like 3 out of the last four tournaments, and 3) we have a point system in place, with extra chips for every point for the end-of-the-year tournament that has a juiced prize pool; currently I'm tied for second in points behind a first place Darsky.

Things are under way for our New York trip, however certain details cannot be discussed at this time! Anyways, things are still movin along at work in the right direction as I continue to hear good news every day about my position in the company. I laugh as I write about my continual success here, AS I'm writing in from work. If I had to work in an office anywhere, here is where I'd want to be. Ya just can't get down about life when you live in Santa Barbara...

From outside my apartment last night (I know the resolution is shitty, deal with it)

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