Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gearin Up

As I sat on my couch preparing myself to watch the new season of the Deadliest Catch (unbuttoning my pants, turning the lights low, etc. etc.), I came to the uninitiated realization that I am completely in love with Rachel Leigh Cook.

I wasn't watching anything specific, nor had I seen anything with her in it recently. It was just minutes ago in fact, and as I was manumitting the random thoughts of the day from work, for whatever strange reason that may have caused it I just started to think of how amazingly hot she is.

It's not that I hadn't noticed it before, but I am officially claiming my love for this beautiful petite brunette. If she offers herself to me in marriage, I will graciously and unhesitatingly accept. Let this be documented.

1 comment:

Dr. Pauly said...

She's sweet. I'd hit that.