Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's Cold!!

Anyone who's a blogger must already know about the Brandi Hawbaker story over at 2+2. No? Well if you haven't, imagine LonelyGirl15 taken off the webcam and thrown headfirst into the depths of the poker world. This one's got every character you need to make a good, old-fashioned suspense/mystery. A Captain with a pokey penis, a schizophrenic played by Dutch Boyd (what is it about this guy that I think is so badass, maybe it's the bandanna?), and a smokin hot petite brunette with a rack that'll send you to the stars. When I look at and listen to Brandi's story, I can't help but be reminded of Michelle Monaghan in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, only in the fact that she's a troubled, young, superbly hot female. I'm excited to see how this one ends.

And of course all this went down the weekend AFTER I was in Vegas. And unbeknown to me, the Bloggers' Convention was in town that very same weekend. Eh...whatever. But had this whole thing been uncovered two weeks earlier, I would've loved to have seen and heard the commotions and the going ons at the Bellagio when I was down there. Talk about good stuff...and especially if Brandi's gonna keep prancing around with her boobs hanging out. There's a good excuse to bust out my new camera. Bust out.......hmph.

I don't know what's wrong with my brain. I have some incomprehensible fascination with crazy chicks who just happen to be utterly attractive as well. Nobody wants to deal with crazy chicks. They're more trouble than you think they are at first, they'll take the life out of you, and in the end you end up just as crazy as they are for having to put up with their consistent insanity.

But I'll be damned if the craziest ones aren't the hottest. You can't tell me that if Harmony Faith Lane came up to you in person and wanted to take you to a hotel room, that you wouldn't take her hand and follow her to wherever it was that she wanted to go so that she could handle you. Well, you probably wouldn't, but I would. Maybe some people have that self-control, but I sure as shit don't. I would try to resist, I really would. But how could I manage to turn down that crazy broad if Robert Downey Jr. couldn't? EXACTLY, I don't think I could. Perhaps RDJ and I should form a club. But then again I'd have to get hopped up on a bunch of drugs first, or else our club wouldn't be real solidly founded would it?

Ok so scratch that.

I've noticed so far in life that this particular fascination is one that's bound to get me into trouble. It's that exact personality flaw that's gotten me into the situation I'm in now. The hot, petite dirty-blonde who I know is the worst news imaginable. She's the one who will crush my soul, yank my beating heart right out of my chest, and steal the wallet from my lifeless bloody corpse. Those eyes though! How do you not just fall in love with her the second you see her eyes?! She'll feed me lies, she'll feed me lines, and I'll unwillingly listen to every one. Damn me, damn me.......but I'm falling for her. Uh oh, wait a minute. I almost made myself throw up from that last line. I'll knock it off.

Anyways Winter's finally here now. As I'm writing this it's about 20 degrees in the office and I'm pretty sure that my feet are going to have to be amputated. I keep trying to turn on the floor heater that's right under my desk, but every time I hit the On button the power gets knocked out in this icy hell that is 406 Haley St. *Sigh*......fuck it's cold. Haha I don't know why I'm complaining though, I'd rather it be 20 degrees than 90 degrees. Sweaters go a lot further than fans do ya know!

Also, as is usual for this time of year, it's Tuesday and I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. Worse yet there's no mega-malls in Santa Barbara, which means I gotta go downtown and hit up State St. Honestly, that doesn't sound too appetizing to me. I'll just hit up the mall in the valley when I go back to the family on Sunday night. Stores are open on Christmas Eve, I'll be fine.

If there's one thing I mastered in school, it was how to procrastinate like a champion. Although that was primarily in my English courses, but English...Christmas shopping...practically the same. Plus from what I hear, the longer you sit at work neglecting your job the better ideas you come up with for presents. And at this rate everyone's gonna love me come Christmas day.

Thankfully I'm getting my writing rhythm back. I stopped writing for a little bit of time, but I got some things in my life that inspire and require me to write now, so hopefully I'll be on this writing thing for a while.

Until next time.

PS - Vegas, P2 is coming, be patient with me


Dr. Pauly said...

Best of luck with the writing groove.

Kid Crash said...

TYS. Reading your stuff is part of the reason why I'm thinkin about writing heavily again.

Anonymous said...

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