Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And This Is Why I'm Still Working

So after picking up a $1,000 winning night, the next few nights weren't as kind. On top of a long couple of days of dead cards, I got schwapped with difficult hands and bad beats. On a few different occasions I got in situations where I got in kicker trouble on tripped boards, one where I lost the minimum amount on the flop, and one where I lost the maximum amount on the flop........The next session after my most recent winning session I lost a bunch of money where I opened with 1010 in MP and got 2 callers. The board came up QQ10 and I ended up getting a guy's $300 stack in with him holding QJ. The turn was a J and I lost.

I stayed quiet for the rest of that night and just couldn't pick up a hand. I finally decided to make a stand with the K9d in late position and got one caller out of the SB. The board came up KQJ, to which he checked. I bet into the pot, and he called. I hadn't played a hand for two hours up to this point and the guy was still calling me down. For some reason, I just didn't think he was big. The turn was a blank and he check called a bet again. The river was a meaningless 6 and he checked again. At this point I still didn't think he was strong, and coupled with the fact that I had pretty much no stack left, I stuck the rest in and he called. He turned up K6 for a rivered two pair and my previous victory was $400 shorter in one night. Thanks for that.

Chalking it up to bad luck and dry cards I decided to hit the Mash again the next night and took a seat with an out of control player I loved to see. I'd seen him before, and I'd taken some chips off of him before, and I had a great time doing it. Imagine how I felt sitting at the table with him again........until the first five minutes. On about my fifth hand I look down at 44 and limp. It folded around to Crazy in the SB and he bumped it to $15. The BB called and I called as well. The board came up a BEAUTIFUL A-4-7. I was hoping to get some action with a weak A, or hopefully a two pair from Crazy, and sure enough Crazy bet out $15. The BB called and I raised it up to $40. Crazy shrugged and called and the BB folded. The turn was a 9 and he pushed all-in for the rest of my starting stack and I called, showing my 44. The table was glad I got him, because apparently he had been pushing the table around with mutilple all-in shoves. I was happy, until I saw a 10 on the river. "Oh I got a straight." That's right children, he had the ole' 68 and my first buy was gone.

For the rest of the night things didn't go well and I suffered through more dead cards. I just hate having ONE good night countered by a bunch of shitty nights. I know I'm playing well and constantly improving, I can feel that. But it really gets a guy down when he's tired of working nine to five, yet he can't get rolling at the tables because of bad luck or whatever you want to call it. I'm playing well, I know it.

Hopefully things will turn around soon, very soon, as this weekend is Chumash's $520 tournament. $100,000 for first is sounding pretty appetizing at this point. Darsky's coming down on Thursday and will be spending the weekend up here, so that'll be a fun time as usual. Hopefully we'll be at the tables Thursday and Friday night makin some cash, and on Saturday hopefully I'll make a decent showing and bring home a big wad. I love playing live tournies! I probably won't update till after the tourney, so wish me luck.

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