Wednesday, June 14, 2006

An Old Re-Find and a Party Poker Tourney

I'm not gonna write anything too great here, just thought I'd share a re-found find if you all aren't reading it anyways. Table Tango is an awesome blog. She's a dealer in Vegas and she's been blogging for a long time; most of it's poker related (obviously), some of it's not. I read a few entries here and there a while back, but since I've become so close with the dealers and the staff in the poker room at the Mash, it's sparked my interest yet again.

I haven't played at Chumash since Friday. It's killing me, seriously. I have small plans tonight, though, so I can't go tonight. I might go up tomorrow night, but my car sucks and I don't feel like driving it a lot so I might not go.

I put $200 online to play a quickie session of Omaha HL on Party and quickly found a $5/$10 10-handed game. I got caught up in a pot where I had the nut boat capped three ways on the flop and turn, and figured to be chopping up a pretty decent pot until the third guy caught a 2-outer on the river for a higher boat, which got me a whole bunch of nothing but a lost $100. After I finished playing Omaha I was still down around $100 and decided to put the last $100 into a $109 buy-in MTT. 363 entrants, over $9k for first. My goal was to get to the final two tables and that's exactly what I did. For three and a half hours I kept pretty quiet. Once the money hit I started doubling up with smart play, and throughout the whole tournament I'd hadn't had my money in against a worst hand the whole time and I hadn't gotten into any coin flips all tournament.

Sitting on the button with about 47,000, and blinds at 2,000/4,000, a MP raised it up to ~13,000, and I see AK. I thought for a second and decided to push it. He had to call off about half of stack, and he did so with 88. I flopped the A, and then he turned an 8 and I was sent packing in 15th place. I made a tiny bit of money, but was disappointed that I had gone all tournament without getting my money in on a flip, and I finally was in one and hit my ace, only to have him trip up on the turn. Sad. I would've rather had the $9k. Oh well, you gotta win coin flips to win tournaments.

In short, I need a new car soon. I need to win coin flips. Go read Table Tango.

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Darsky said...

That would have been a perfect spot for a stop-n-go. Or a call-n-fold (although that's a bad plan). Sounds like you knew he was likely to call your reraise so you were guaranteed a showdown for a double-up. If you had just called the 13k, you could have taken it down on the flop if he had checked to you (or made a small bet). A lot of players can get away from middle pair to an A-high board.
But that's nothing you don't already know.

Kid Crash said...

Yeah I was going to call preflop and push if I hit it, but Joe was watching and thought it would've been a better idea to push pre-flop. I really thought I should've called, but I pushed and he called. Board came up Ah-7h-4x and he was first go. If he bets, I push, then he's committed anyways, but if he checks and I bet, he probably folds there. Who knows what would've happened, I really should've flat called.

I was influenced by outside players, which I shouldn't have let happen. I gotta work on just playing my game without people talking over my own thoughts, which happens a lot when I play online. Maybe that's why I don't win online!!