Monday, June 12, 2006


Well the last couple of weeks haven't really been good to me. I've had ups and downs, but more downs than ups. I keep having these losing sessions that bring down my morale, because there's so many bad players at the 2/5NL game at Chumash that I feel like I should never leave loser. Obviously that's an unreasonable request in a gambling game, but still, it brings me down. I'll be taking a couple days off to recuperate, and will be heading back up there on Wednesday.

Joe and I went to Dani's wedding on Saturday, who's one of the night shift dealers at Chumash who we've come to be pretty close with. Her husband is a blackjack dealer, so there were more blackjack dealers than poker dealers there, which made us fitting in a bit more difficult since we consciously try not to get to know the blackjack dealers, if y'all catch my drift. We felt out of place for the first little bit of the reception, but a special someone showed up about half an hour after we arrived, and then from there we caught up with some familiar poker staff so we settled right in. After the reception we headed over to Tim's house, who's one of the poker room's floorman there. That was good times and good conversations, as it usually is with Tim. Plus, at the end of the day I had a reason to get a bad-ass grey suit, so the whole day just worked out.

Later that night Joe booked a decent cash in a $50 MTT on Party good for $2,500+, while I'm still sitting here despising online poker. Watching him rolling online makes me feel like giving it another shot online. I'm putting a lot of thought into playing lots of MTTs, but I just don't like playing online so I don't see that happening. Ya never know, though, I might be able to get up to Tre's level of ass-kickery if I practice long enough. :)

This entry's gonna end short, although there is some stuff I want to write about later. But for now I'll leave it short.

Until next time.


TreMomey said...

haha.. thanks for the shoutout.

seriously man the rebuy tourneys are so sick... i like them even better than the deep stack tourneys bc I usually have around 20k at the first break and blinds are still 100/200.

Also, don't praise me too much I just made a horrible horrible play, lol.

Kid Crash said...

"Also, don't praise me too much I just made a horrible horrible play, lol."

Hey man even gods are allowed to make a misstep every once in a while!

I might have to look into playing the $50 and up buyins, or the rebuy tournies. I just wish the local casino held some decent tournaments more often!