Friday, May 05, 2006

It's no fluke, I'm good again

In the last 2 weeks I've played at Chumash for only 16 hours, and have profited $2,800+. I've had 5 sessions, and all of them for winner. I've gone for winner of $460, $930, $400, $875, and last night for $230. I think I've hit a point in my play where I am just very happy with it.

The Chumash 2/5NL game has a $200 max buy-in, which makes for some limited play at times. Two of the nights I had to rebuy, but still made a comeback to profit for $400 and $230. Actually, the first time I had to rebuy, on Monday night, I did it on purpose to loosen the table, as it was way too tight for my likings. I started raising everything, betting and insta-folding to raises, and raising blind. It worked and a few rounds later I got my initial buy-in back, and by the end of a 3-hour session had profitted another $400 and change.

After a $875 winner on Wednesday night, I decided to go back on Thursday night for at least 6 hours. It's a good thing I decided to do that, cuz that's what it took to make any money at all. I lost my first buy-in in the first 2 hours just to dead cards and calling lots of preflop raises, as I was getting odds to call with at least 3 callers to every raise preflop. Unfortunately for me my cards were either dead or just not hitting postflop. I rebought after losing my first $200, and a few hands later I was instantly put to a difficult decision. I had raised preflop with QQ and got called by a crazy player who had been playing pretty wild all night. The board came up K high and he pushed in, leaving me with a decision to call off the rest of my stack. He could have easily had a K, whether it was K-low or not. I took my time, stared him down a little, and ultimately trusted my physical read and called him off, saying "Thinkin you got jacks..." I flipped my queens, the board blanked, blanked, and he showed me Jacks. I got some applause and a few "Wow man great call!"s from the table, and pretty much got back to even on that one.

A little while later I got great news, as Danni (one of the dealers) called me over and gave me a big envelope. She said "Here, it's a wedding invitation. It's on June 10th. And you better make sure Joe's there!" It was really cool to get that invite, and it should be a great time. Now to some of you that might be kind of a wierd, having a dealer invite you to their wedding. But like I've stated in the past, Joe and I have spent a lot of time up there, and have hung out with some of the poker staff outside of the casino, and have more or less become friends with them instead of players to them. I'm sure there are plenty of cases of this with the younger players out there who are professional, or just play a hell of a lot. And it's not just cuz we're regulars cuz there are plenty of regulars up there at Chumash all day every day, but Joe and I and another chick are the only ones who got the invitation. So, despite the "wierdness", it really was cool.

So anyways, the rest of the night I had to work hard to gain ANY ground at all, as the deck was just ice. Eventually I had played a little over 6 hours, and seeing no change in the cards since I had sat down, I decided to take my profit and call it a night. I felt down, cuz I was definitely looking to get more than $230 profit. But as I was leaving the casino I laughed to myself, realizing that even if I made that much on a regular basis, I could still support life and live it lavishly enough. Darsky said the same thing to me, too, and I laughed to myself again.

All in all, I gotta say I'm feelin better about life in general than I have in a very, very long time. Things on a personal level are going well, and I'm excited about an upcoming personal event that might change my life in a big, big way, and is definitely an opportunity that I will not let slip through my fingers. In the poker world, things are going great, and I am in a zone right now that I will be in for a long time, and I'm confident that in the immediate future I will be making some decent money playing cards. Things are on the up and up, and I'm lovin it.

Stay tuned for next time...

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