Saturday, April 01, 2006

A sad, sad week

Well last week I pretty much lost my ass. My whole week went like the HH's I've been posting, and boy that hurts. The thing that sucks is that I don't really feel like playing now because I don't have a bankroll. If I had a real bankroll I could survive the downswings and build it back up, but with only 2 sit-ins left it kinda feels like I will be playing differently. I don't really know why since I still have a 9-5er and poker money doesn't intefere with life money right now, but I still feel like I might be playing differently, scared perhaps.

So I won't play for a bit, no big deal. I still have a life (believe it or not), so I doubt I'll be bored. Plus DoD:S is kick-ass. Also I haven't been to the Hideout for a long time now, perhaps I'll make some time this weekend.....

Oh also, last night Adam and I were deemed our aparment complex's beer pong champions. It was a tough battle, the first bout ending in a tie. But we came back in round 2 to dominate Wasan and Randy in a 3 to 1 lead before I sank the game-winning shot. Randy had a chance to tie it up as we gave him an uncontested bounce shot, but as that went sailing past the 3 cups there was no way they could win. It was sweet, sweet victory. Almost as good as Taco Bell.

Bankroll: $439

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