Monday, February 27, 2006

These Rat Bastards!

K so maybe I can still get riled up a bit.....I've tried very hard in the past not to get upset at the dumb things that happen in poker, but sometimes it just happens. I get very frustrated sometimes with the level of stupidity and horrible play that I see nowadays.

BUT I have been making a conscious effort not to blow up when I lose. I was getting pretty bad, but I realized that not only was it not doing ANYTHING AT ALL, but it was also irritating those around me. Sitting there yelling at a computer screen or berating bad players in live games was causing those around me to lose concentration on their game, and it also made me seem like a whiny little girl. So, with my re-entry into the poker world I've been on a mission to remain low key.

One of the things I admire about Darsky is his ability to control his emotions at the table. Whenever someone makes a horrible play and gets lucky against him he kinda makes a face like "Why would you do that?" and moves on to the next hand. And that's only if he hasn't already read them perfectly and folded!! He never exhibits any kind of negative reactions. He's completely calm almost 100% of the time and makes light of many situations people would normally get upset over, which makes his game nearly always profitable.

What does this have to do with anything? Yesterday when I was playing, more minimum raise madness was happening. It always frustrates me to see that kind of stuff, because it is just level -one knowledge that min raising in NL hold'em is probably the worst move you can make. The same person kept at it the whole tournament, and by the time we got down to 3-handed I was going nuts. I wasn't making a lot of verbal commotion, but my brain was overheating because of all the stuff I wanted to say! Not to mention the cursing at the screen by the person next to me didn't help my mental implosion. Anyways the guy just wouldn't let up, and instead of winning the tournament (which was easily in my range), I blew it by being too aggressive to the culprit.

After that I didn't verbally blow up. I gave it one if those "Oh my god are you kidding me?!?!??" which are so often heard throughout various poker rooms or computer rooms and then I tucked my head inside my sweatshirt and rested for a minute. During the play I didn't verbally explode, but I beat myself by letting myself get worked up over dumb play. That is definitely something I need to work on, but sometimes it's just so frickin hard!! As Hellmuth would say "These guys don't even know how to spell poker. P-O-K-E-R, poker!" But I just have to not let it affect me. Through the week I've been listening to mellow music and trying to rest easy while I play, and it's been working so far! Now if I can only keep it up!

In case you all were wondering how I blew up, I held 5-7o with the board showing 3-7-9 rainbow. I bet half-pot on the flop. Button called. Turn was a blank. I bet pot and got called. River was a blank, I push all-in and button calls with J-9. I was only 1000 chips behind him at the 150-300 level, so it was a terrible, terrible play that I made out of pure tilt. And not only did I lose money because of it, but I was also upset with myself for quite some time afterwards for letting it get to me. I took 3rd for $40 , which profited $18...........oh well better than losing $22. I only played 1 SnG yesterday, so I'll just add it onto another day. Tonight I won't play cuz I stayed up late watching weird crap on TV, so I will be tired after work and I won't be up for it. Instead I'll stay home and work a little on my short story/book. I haven't decided which it'll be yet, but it'll be somethin.

Bankroll: $686

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