Thursday, February 23, 2006

So who in the hell am I?

Hey now. My name's Chris, and I play poker. Writing is another passion of mine, but I have yet to do anything with it. In general I'm a gambler at heart, I'm willing to put it all on the line if I think I can win. Basically this blog will follow my rigid flight as I take off into the world of semi-professional poker playing. Looking around today I see that there are plenty of younger players out there who are making a living playing poker (both live and online), and although I make a living humping a 9-5'er and doing some schooling along the way, I think I got what it takes to grind it out on the felt. I'll start with a small BR and will see if I can't work it into something meaningful.

Now on to a little of my poker playing background. I started playing a little over 2 years ago, first time at a home game tourney (as the story goes). I won the first home game tourney I ever played in, and I was instantly hooked. I started playing at the local indian casino as soon as I could have after that, and after locking up a first casino session of $150+ I felt that I might actually be good at the game. I started playing more and more with tip money, as I had worked in a restaurant at the time, and I was grinding away at the 2-4 on a consistent basis. I then had to move away from the area in which the casino was located, so I only played the occasional home game and took a trip back up to the casino maybe once a month. I played my fair share of online poker during that time though, but I hated it. I profited from it, but I hated it. I'm much more of a live player. I love to talk at the table and it helps me profit emensely. Also, I'm just a very sociable guy!

I finally got to move back to the area a few months ago, so I started playing again, but this time with no bankroll, purely out of pocket. I started playing 4-8 at Chumash and occasionally the 2-5NL $200 Max game (the only NL game hosted there), and whenver there was one going I'd jump into the 6-12, but it rarely runs. I have a poker buddy (of course) who lives here as well, and we've become family to the dealers practically. There are semi-regulars, and then there are regulars who all the dealers know by name and say hi to, and then there's Joe and I. We're friends moreso than regulars to the staff in the Chumash poker room. But, since the start of December the cards have been laughing at me, and there have been a few points where my play has been less than optimal, all of which totaled in losses of over $2000 out of pocket. I've taken a month off to recoup and to think over my game, and I'm finally ready to go again.

I'll be taking on this long and arduous journey to the top along side a most trusted guy I like to call Darsky, who's chronicling his own life here, and I'm sure he'll be the most qualified person to do so. I have played more poker with Joe than I think I've spent time doing anything with anyone else ever, but Darren is a friend on a different (perhaps higher in some respects) level than Joe, and they'll both influence my path in different ways. I have no girlfriend currently, but after a 3 year "run" with my ex, I'm not looking to jump into anything soon anyways. I'd rather concentrate on poker, drinking, friends, and school.

Now onto the plan. I will deposit $500 online into a site I shall choose at a later time and I will be playing solely $20+2 SnGs and $20+2 MTTs. I will only play a set amount every day, and from there I will gauge my rate of success. I realize that is barely a bankroll at all, but I feel as though I should be able to beat those games at the level of skill that I'm at. Should I fail to profit from this plan, I will be saving until December when I go to Vegas, and I will then have a BR for a regular 5/10 limit game. I trust my limit game more than I trust my own mother, and I am doing the SnG strategy only as a way to build my BR a little. So feel free to check up on my progress, as I should be updating regularly.



Darsky said...

Welcome to that which is so very bloggy. Nice intro. I'm looking forward to seeing how you refer to me when you write while drunk :)

Playing said...

Thanks for sharing the story and providing related information. Cheers.