Tuesday, April 01, 2008

OMG OMG OMG I Won the Lottery


On a serious note, I did buy a guitar yesterday. When I think about it it seems that my biggest urges to gamble come to me when I'm at my lowest points of boredom. Considering I have YET to get back into school for night classes I find myself ultimately useless and braindead for the most part of my days, both at work and at home. I figure if I have so much free time why not try to do something I've always wanted to do?

This was, of course, another impulse buy. I probably spent about an hour thinking about it, and then instantly jammed out to get it. Oddly enough when I compare my decision to gamble to my decision to buy this guitar it seems that there's more merit in buying a guitar than there could ever be gambling.

I started cheap and opted for an Epiphone Les Paul. While I've been told to start learning on an acoustic, living in an older apartment with paper-thin walls doesn't seem like the best place to learn to play an instrument. The guitar sounds fine, and I'll no doubt begin an addiction to guitars as I have with everything else that interests me in the least.

So now here I am, a guitar, an amp, and a pair of headphones, ready to rock the pants off the world. I can only hope I'll put as much time and effort into learning this as I had put into learning poker back when I started. On second thought, that didn't work out too well, so I'm gonna hope for a little more effort with this thing...

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